Judgement Day


Jaclyn Horrod

TITLE : Judgement Day - Part One : Judgement Day, Part Two : Discovery
AUTHOR : Jaclyn Horrod
EMAIL : Jaclyn@thefifthrace.net
CATEGORY: Action, Drama
SPOILERS : Set in Season 4, after The First Ones.  Spoilers for Shades of Grey.
SEASON / SEQUEL : Season 4.
SUMMARY : When a member of their reconn team is attacked by a creature that Jackson surmises is from Greek mythology, O'Neill leads the team back to the planet to investigate the possible connection to Osiris, who Jackson believes may be a part of the Tok'ra.  But with strange forces and collusion abounding, will the team discover the truth in time.
STATUS : Complete
ARCHIVE : Rabelais, Heliopolis.
DISCLAIMER : Stargate SG-1, the Goa'uld and all other characters who have appeared in the series Stargate SG-1 together with the names, titles and back stroy are the sole copyright property of MGM-UA Worldwide Television, Gekko Film Corp, Glassner/Wright Double Secret Productions and Stargate SG-1 Prod Ltd. Partnership.  This piece of fan fiction was created solely for entertainment and not money purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author.  Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
AUTHOR'S NOTES : Thanks, as always, go to mbb and beta-reader extraordinaire, Rach.  
FEEDBACK : Most definitely!


Judgement Day  -  Part One


Jack O'Neill parked his car. Slamming the door closed without bothering to lock it. There had been something in Sergeant Elliot's tone that made the call seem urgent enough to warrant his haste.

O'Neill glanced up seeing Daniel Jackson, arriving more or less at the same time.

It was still dark enough to require headlights. Jack smiled to himself as the archaeologist strode towards him.

O'Neill shook his head, a wry smile sweeping across his face. Jackson looked purposeful. Jack paused then. "You left your lights on," O'Neill remarked.

Jackson stopped too now, and glanced back over his shoulder. Eyes closing, he groaned, turning back towards the car.

"So Daniel," Jack greeted, his tone and smile warm, as Jackson once more caught up to him. "What are you doing here at this ungodly hour?"

"Jack. Ah, I was um...looking for you," he said. "Got a minute? I phoned your house, you'd er, already left."

"Me?" O'Neill sounded genuinely surprised. The two men continued to the elevator.

"I was thinking about something and er, well then something else came up and I wanted to talk to you about that too."

Jack offered a couple of interested glances - Jackson, as usual seemed vague, an obvious sign that he clearly had things on his mind. He detected a slight tone of apprehension in Jackson's voice too.

As they reached the first elevator, Jack stood back, allowing the archaeologist to step in first.

"So?" he asked, as the doors closed, breaking what had seemed to be a long silence. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, um...I was thinking about the Asguard actually," Daniel said, still looking and sounding somewhat distracted, forgetting the purpose, momentarily, of his audience with O'Neill.

Jack looked a little surprised. "You were?" he asked. "Why?" His suspicions now borne out by Daniel's comment.

"Oh," Jackson exclaimed, almost as if suddenly awoken. "But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. General Hammond asked me to do a little research into the um...mythology surrounding the Goa'uld System Lords. Most of them of course hail from the Ancient Egyptian culture which wasn't exactly much of a challenge."

He spoke almost with breath, at a pace that left O'Neill looking bemused.  Jack's eyes glazed over. "Daniel. Is there a point anywhere in our future?" he probed.

Daniel stopped, looking at O'Neill, his expression askant. Then blank. "Oh, right. Well apparently they have discovered a world P9Q-287 which was on the Ancients' database but not on the um...Abydos Cartouche. Anyway," A huge gulp of air inhaled. "It seems that there may be a compelling reason to er..." he stopped then.

Jack was looking at him, his face slightly screwed up, his eyes barely visible as he squinted at the archaeologist.

The elevator doors had closed and neither had selected a level.

"Are you going to um...?" Daniel said, gesturing towards the panel.

Jack looked bemused for a moment. Clearly baffled by Jackson's information barrage.

"What?" he asked.

"We're on level one, Jack." Daniel told him. "We er might want to go down?"

"Oh," O'Neill exclaimed. "Yeah. Sorry." He pushed the button.

Looking sheepishly at Jackson for a moment. "I was, er," he explained. 


Jackson nodded. "Yeah, I could tell. Anyway, the er...planet."

Jack looked askant again. "Planet?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Which bit wasn't clear?" Daniel asked. The elevator doors sprung open.

"Um," Jack said slowly. "Well, the er," He walked out now, a perplexed expression on his face, as he searched his mind for an answer. "Nope. None of it actually. Planet?"

The two men walked to the second elevator, O'Neill acknowledging the greeting from the airman that manned the check point, stepping inside and continuing down to Level 28.

"Yeah, um...most mythology is somehow connected. Certain gods are represented in different cultures with different names, adopted depending on the nature of the um....."

"Arrgh!" Jack vociferated. "Daniel please!"

Daniel looked apologetic. "I er...well, the planet," he said more emphatically.

"P9Q-287" Jack reminded him.

Daniel looked intrigued that O'Neill had remembered its designation so well.  He stared for a moment, then continued.

"Yes.  It's um not on the Cartouche. But, and this is interesting, the MALP sent back images of pyramid like structures! Now either the Goa'uld have found this planet, after the Cartouche was inscribed,  or else some other culture - good gods like um...Osiris might have been there."

"Osiris?" Jack asked, for once repeating the name accurately.

The elevator doors opened. O'Neill gestured for Daniel to go first. 

"Sweet!" he remarked to himself for no apparent reason.

"Osiris was the brother of Set," Daniel told him.

Jack looked perplexed. "And that's a good thing?" he questioned. "Daniel, I'll talk to Hammond, he turned down your request didn't he?"

Daniel smiled. "Yes. Um, how did you er?"

"Guess?" O'Neill asked. "It's written all over your face. You're falling all over yourself."

"Oh," Daniel bit the side of his mouth, his face contorting with the movement.

"Nervous about asking me outright?" Jack enquired. "Why?" He paused then, noting the expression that now masked Jackson's face. "Or was it something else?"

"Er...yeah. Actually there was something else," Daniel confessed.

"The Stuart thing right?" Jack responded.

"How did you er?"

"Guess?" The two men said in unison.

Jack's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Now, see. Contrary to popular belief Daniel, I do have a brain!"

"I knew that!" Daniel exclaimed, an almost erratic anger clouding his tone.

"Sweet. Well," A heavy sigh. "I'll tell you what. Gimme a minute to talk to Hammond, and I'll join you in your lab."

"Er, right, are you asking him now?" Daniel seemed surprised that Jack would put himself out so urgently at his request.

Jack's eyes widened. "Not exactly why I'm going to see him," he explained. "I got called in...know anything about that?"

"Oh," Daniel sounded sheepish now. "Er, yes I do. I had a phone call too, only mine was last night. Colonel Stuart put in a complaint."

"Sweet!" Jack remarked. "What did you say?"

"I told them I didn't see a thing. I was um, dialling home!" Daniel imparted, a sly looking smile entering his eyes, but never accessing his face.

O'Neill's lopsided smile greeted that expression. "Cool!" he exclaimed.

"Er...good luck." Daniel offered as O'Neill turned away from him.

"Yeahsureyabetcha!" O'Neill chortled, as he disappeared.




"With all due respect Sir!" O'Neill snapped, now engrossed in a heated three-way exchange with Hammond and Stuart. "This man needs his ass kicking!"

"See? This is his attitude," Stuart remarked smugly.

"My attitude?" Jack vociferated. "You're the damn idiot mouthing off! General Hammond, permission to be excused? And if he wants to make a damn complaint let him, I'm past caring."

"Colonel O'Neill sit down! I've never seen anything like this!" Hammond complained. "In all my years as an officer. I've never seen such petty behaviour from grown men with respected rank and command."

"Sir, he struck me, it's pure and simple," Stuart snapped.

"Is it Colonel? I am led to believe that two members of SG1 were abused whilst under your command. And, that you made a remark with regard to something confidential, that Dr. Jackson may or may not have said to Colonel Makepeace, to Colonel O'Neill," Hammond looked angry. "Now this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated from either of you. Am I making myself clear?"

O'Neill was smirking to himself. "Yes Sir! I'll do my best in future not to punch Colonel Stuart."

"Thank you Colonel. Dismissed!" Hammond snapped. Now at the end of his tether, his forehead dropped into his hand, head shaking slowly.

Stuart disappeared from his office. O'Neill remained.

"General Hammond, Sir?" Jack's tone was rueful now. "Daniel has asked me to bring the possible importance of P9Q-287 to your attention."

"Jack!" Hammond sighed. "I've already told Dr. Jackson that you're scheduled to visit P3X-969 - It's all set up."

"Yes Sir. But that's well, a...mineral survey? Permission to take SG1 to P9Q-287, Sir!" Jack requested militarily.

"Request denied," Hammond said. "Colonel, are you seeing how far my patience stretches?"

"No Sir. I'm merely supporting a member of my team," he replied. "I take it all the retorts to Stuart came from Daniel?"

Hammond shook his head. "Permission granted. Now get the hell out of my office!" There was something lighter in his tone now.

O'Neill recognised that Hammond was caving into his boyish charm. Allowing the General to maintain his dignity, Jack left.



Daniel was studying some text when Colonel Stuart entered.

"May I speak to you?" he asked.

Daniel startled at the intrusion, turned abruptly.   "I'm kind of busy right now!" he remarked, knowing that Stuart had obviously come for a confrontation.

"Is that so? Well since you're not in the military I guess I can't get a court martial if I get right to the point, eh?"

"Well I er...guess not. What's on your mind?"

"It had to be you. The Jaffa wouldn't say anything...Major Carter wouldn't say anything, so where did Hammond get his information from then?"

"I don't believe this. Did you actually grow up?" Daniel enquired. "You're whole attitude is..........." Daniel searched for the right word.  "Childish!" he exclaimed.

"Childish?" Stuart snapped. "Well here's childish! Hope you're not relying on my aim next time you're in a jam!"

"Really. Well thank you for sharing." Daniel snapped. "I'll bear that in mind."

"What's that?" Jack asked, as he entered the lab.

"Oh, just a little exchange between friends," Stuart retorted.

"Sweet. Wanna vacate?" Jack asked, sarcasm overwhelming his voice as he did so.

Stuart looked over at Daniel. The archaeologist merely shook his head.

"What was that?" Jack enquired, sauntering towards where Jackson perched.

"Oh, just a friendly chat," Daniel remarked.

"Daniel!" Jack reprimanded. "What?"

"He um. Well he doesn't like me very much. At least I think that was the point he was trying to make...so," Jackson responded, immediately changing the subject.

"So." Jack repeated, his face creasing with mirth as he realised that he'd done so.

"Ah, yes, right," Daniel began, sensing that he needed to get to the point. 

"He told you something didn't he. Something that I said to Colonel Makepeace?"  That rueful expression he wore so often adorning his face now.

Jack recognised that look, he knew what it meant. "Daniel," Jack's tone was stern now. "Forget it."

"Well I er...was hoping you'd say that actually?" Daniel sounded relieved. 

"You know I um."

Jack smiled. closing his eyes for a second. "You know Daniel, you're an emotional guy. You fly off sometimes without thinking, I can accept that."

"Thank you. And you're um...not," Daniel sounded baffled by his own remark, a grin sweeping across his face then. "We're um...different." he acknowledged.

"Ya think!" O'Neill quipped. "Anyway, I talked to Hammond."

"So no court martial then?"

"Nope!" Jack replied. "He gave the go ahead for the mission to P9Q-287 though."

"He er...did?" Daniel sounded surprised. "What did you say?"

"Oh," Jack replied. "I used my charm."

Jackson's expression was one of amazement. "And it worked?" he asked, a shocked tone entering his voice.

Jack frowned at him. "Gear up. We leave in an hour," he ordered.



Teal'c finished strapping the webbing to his upper body, placing a Zat gun in its holster, and checking his radio.

"You believe the Goa'uld were on this planet Daniel Jackson?" he asked.

"Um...well I'm not sure. The pyramids are some way off. We'll talk about it in the briefing."



Jack sat next to Sam. Hammond was yet to join the briefing as were Daniel and Teal'c.

"So Carter, interesting evening off base?" Jack enquired.

"Sir?" Sam questioned, deep in thought.

Colonel Stuart and SG3's arrival put a dampener on further conversation.

"Oh please!" O'Neill complained.

"Seems you're stuck with us for this mission too!" Stuart goaded.

Daniel arrived at that moment, slowing slightly as he recognised Stuart even at the angle he saw him from.  His eyes shot straight to O'Neill - whose own features were masked with distaste.

A heavy sigh from both men.

Hammond appeared then. "Dr. Jackson, proceed with the briefing," he ordered.

Daniel sat at the opposite end of the to the General. "Ah, yeah. This planet we're about to visit, P9Q-287, isn't on the Abydos Cartouche. But the images the MALP has sent back show at least three pyramid like structures approximately ten or twelve miles from the Gate. They were barely discernable."

"What about the UAV?" Jack enquired.

"It went through Colonel," Sam told him. "The data sent back indicated no life forms of any kind."

"What nothing? No birds, no bugs? Nothing?" O'Neill sounded dubious now. "And the air is breathable right?"

"Yes sir."

"Your mission is recon people." Hammond said. "But to be on the safe side SG3 will accompany you in case of hostile encounters."

Stuart was beaming broadly at O'Neill who, although aware of the attention, kept his eyes firmly on the General.  Hammond had noticed it too.

"Colonel O'Neill is in command of this mission." Hammond added, noting that the mischievous grin O'Neill offered back to him as being the Colonel's sense of humour, rather than impending trouble.

"Thank you sir," O'Neill remarked. "All right, lets go!" he ordered.



Teal'c stood alongside O'Neill in the embarkation room as the team waited to depart.

The Jaffa kept his focus ahead. The twitching of his right eyebrow catching O'Neill's attention.

"Thoughts?" he enquired.

"I am in fact considering the images sent back from the planet," Teal'c replied.

"And?" O'Neill asked.

Teal'c turned his head, looking directly at the Colonel.

Jack recognised the expression. "Just considering right!" he stated, realising that Teal'c rarely drew conclusions unless they were completely formed within his own mind.

"Indeed!" The Jaffa responded.

The wormhole exploded into life, settling back. O'Neill shook his head, stepping onto the ramp and leading the party through the Gate.

Teal'c stepped through, his eyes sweeping the area. O'Neill was similarly employing his observations, his MP-5 raised, following his line of sight.

The terrain was rocky, barely any plant life. The Stargate stood at the top of a large formation of rocks and earth.

In the distance the four pyramids were clearly visible. The pinnacle of each falling off almost like steps.

"Wow!" Daniel exclaimed. "They must be at least a mile apart."

"How can you tell?" Major Simpson asked.

"By how they fall off," Jackson told him.

Jack O'Neill shrugged. "And over ten or more clicks away!"

Teal'c began to descend carefully down the rough terrain, leading them towards the structures.  Carter and Daniel side by side.

The small party seemed to be walking for hours.

"Think I'll give the gym a miss!" O'Neill quipped.

"Yeah er, me too," Daniel agreed. He kept a weary eye on Colonel Stuart, noting on more than one occasion the sneer on the Marine's face.

"Er. Jack?" Daniel called out, catching up to O'Neill.


"Remember the conversation we had earlier?"

"Oh yeah," O'Neill quipped, a mischievousness note added to his voice for good measure. "Like it was only this morning."

Daniel's glanced sideways. He realised O'Neill's quip was meant light heartedly.

"Well I would like to suggest, should it er, become necessary? That I'm with you!" Daniel imparted almost hesitantly.

O'Neill nodded, without responding.

"Ok," O'Neill ordered. "Let's take a break. Teal'c - you and Major Simpson scout up ahead, see what's beyond those hills."

Teal'c, followed closely by Simpson, headed off as ordered, acknowledging O'Neill's request with a simple nod of his head.

"So Daniel," Jack began. "Tell me more about Orion?"

Daniel smiled to himself. "Osiris. Was a God in ancient Egypt. He was a good God. The son of Geb and Nut. He was the God of the plant world - he taught the ancient Egyptians about plants that would feed them.  He also taught them how to extract gold, copper and iron from the earth.  Teaching them how to worship their gods and building great temples in many cities.

He was known as The Good One."

"Ah!" Jack observed. "But not if he's Goa'uld, Daniel!"

"Right. But what if he's actually Tok'ra, or even another race of Alien we haven't seen yet?"

O'Neill nodded slowly. "Then he's worth looking up!"



Teal'c and Simpson returned to the encampment.

"Teal'c - prompt as usual!" O'Neill quipped. "What did you find?"

"There are indeed structures of great significance," he said. "A small uninhabited village is just over the hills."

"Uninhabited for how long?" Daniel asked.

Jack raised his eyebrows. "Teal'c?" he enquired.

"It appears that this village has been deserted for some time," he concluded.

"So either the people are extinct here, or somewhere else?" Daniel said. 

"Somewhere the UAV didn't, or couldn't pick them up?"

"Exactly Daniel Jackson," Teal'c concluded.

"Yeah! Right - ok." O'Neill agreed. "Stuart, you and SG3 stay here, radio contact every 30 minutes!"



With Teal'c on point - O'Neill on their six - SG1 moved slowly into the village.

"Wow!" Daniel exclaimed, looking at some of the small dwellings and moving off quickly to investigate one of the smaller huts. "It's unbelievable," he called out.

"Oh yeah!" O'Neill quipped. "I'm sure it's fascinating!"

Carter smiled at the Colonel, who offered a grimace in return. "Don't ya just love all this history?!" he remarked.



Colonel Stuart sat close to the tent he had erected. His portable stove alight, brewing up coffee.

He looked around occasionally. Major Simpson had first watch, whilst Sgt. Porter and Lieutenant Mitchell were conversing about a previous mission, one where Colonel Makepeace had been in charge!

"Makepeace!" Stuart said. "He was a good marine!"

"Yes Sir - the best!" Mitchell responded. "Just a shame about the court martial!"

Stuart chuckled to himself. "Yeah," he said. "Damn shame some people couldn't have stayed retired!"

Sgt. Porter suddenly looked uncomfortable, his tone lowered. "What is it with him and Colonel O'Neill?" he asked Mitchell.

"They plain don't like each other I guess," Mitchell responded.

Dane Simpson could hear the conversation. He considered butting in, but O'Neill was someone he considered to be a good man, Stuart? he had doubts about Stuart!

He glanced to his right then. "Sir!" he exclaimed.

"What Major?" Stuart snapped.

"We have movement, slight at 12 o'clock," Simpson responded.

All four marines were suddenly tense and alert.

"Exactly what is it you think you see Major?" Stuart asked, his MP5 clutched tightly in both hands.

Major Simpson tried hard to focus on the area of that movement. In the trees above him something watched, it's vision acute, their body heat easily detected!



Daniel was examining what appeared to be some form of a bowl, crafted in bronze, or a similar material.

"We need to get a team in here and analyse this." he told O'Neill who was now leaning casually up against the side of the hut. Having assessed the immediate area, he was satisfied that there was no threat of hostiles being in the vicinity.

"Really?" he enquired. "Why?"

Daniel stood up regarding him for a moment. "Is that a serious question, or are you being sarcastic?" he asked.

O'Neill raised his eyebrows, taking his cap off and scratching his head, he replied. "Daniel, you know me well enough by now, you tell me?"

"Okay." Daniel mused. "Then it was sarcasm. Pleased to meet you......again!"

O'Neill smiled at him. "Sweet!" he remarked. "Actually Daniel, I'm thinking we should start having a look at the pyramids, time's getting short!"

Daniel's rueful expression disappeared. "Um......okay then. We can pick some of this stuff up on the way back."

"Cool." O'Neill said. "Colonel Stuart, come in."

"Yeah, go ahead O'Neill," Stuart's dulcet tones responded.

Jack faked a yawn at Daniel, who returned his humour with a look towards the heavens.

"We're gonna head for the pyramids, maintain your position." O'Neill told him.

"We may have a problem here." Stuart said. "Major Simpson is certain he saw movement."

O'Neill raised his eyes heavenwards. "Colonel. Hold your position, we're on your six," he told Stuart. "Ok, let's move out."

Daniel dithered for a moment, still clasping the ‘dish' unsure of whether to leave it, or take it with him. He decided on the later, following O'Neill from the hut.

"Carter, Teal'c, lets go," O'Neill ordered, heading back towards the RV point.



Major Simpson maintained his vigil, his eyes sweeping the surrounding trees, which although sparse, were carpeted by small bush like plants.

"Major what do you see?" Stuart asked again.

"Still negative movement Sir, I just get a sense of something?"

"Like what Dane?" Stuart responded. "Are you just pulling my chain here, or did you see something?"

"I saw something Sir, movement in those bushes at 12 o'clock - now nothing." Simpson responded.

Above Simpson, the watcher stirred, moving down the tree with great speed.  It leapt across close to Sgt. Porter.

Stuart sensed the presence now too! He spun to cover Porter, his eyes straining, the sudden movement from him bringing the attention of Mitchell and Simpson.

"Sir?" Mitchell questioned.

"I think we're dealing with camouflage here. Porter, move to me slowly," Stuart ordered. "And if I yell, move your ass quick time!"

Against the bark of the tree, Colonel Stuart was able to make out something, although in the now disappearing light, he couldn't be sure.

Sgt. Porter moved forward, and the anomaly leapt. Stuart now saw it, reacting too slowly.

The creature embedded razor sharp claws into the neck and head of Porter who screamed in pain and surprise.

Mitchell reacted first, leaping towards his flailing colleague, his knife in his hand. As he reached Porter the creature was gone, vanished.

Porter fell to his knees, his eyes empty, expression drained and colourless. Then he lunged forward, falling face down onto the foliage beneath him.

"Jesus," Mitchell exclaimed, reaching Porter and kneeling down beside him. Two circular puncture wounds were in the back of his head.

Colonel Stuart was there now, already fumbling with his first aid kit, applying a pad to the wounds.

"Help me turn him over!" he snapped.

Mitchell reacted to the order, gently rolling Porter onto his side. "Check his pulse," Stuart ordered.

Dane Simpson kept watch, wanting to attend to his comrade, but fearing another attack from this almost invisible hostile.

"Did you see it?" Stuart asked.

"Barely Sir, it looks like some kind of bird - but not!" Simpson responded.

"His pulse is fairly erratic Sir, we need to get him back to the Stargate," Mitchell informed Stuart.

Stuart was checking the wounds on Porter's head. "My God!" he exclaimed in horror. "They've penetrated the skull."

Mitchell's expression was horror-stricken. "Sir?"

"We're gonna need a stretcher, stat. Let's move!"



O'Neill reached the camp first, double timing it after the distress call from Simpson had reached him.

"What the hell happened here?" he asked.

Stuart stood, a bandage now applied to the injuries Porter had suffered.

"He was attacked - we could barely see it." Stuart informed O'Neill. "I don't know how long we've got, his pulse and breathing are pretty erratic."

"Teal'c, Carter, double time it back to the Stargate and alert General Hammond. We'll be on your six as soon as we can move him."

Daniel looked down at Porter. "What attacked him?" he asked.

"I don't know, it was weird. Almost invisible, it was some sort of creature - bird like, but with claws - almost cat like." Mitchell told the archaeologist.

"Bird like?" O'Neill repeated. "Cat like - a little different don't ya think!"

"Um. No," Daniel responded. "No."

"No, no what?" O'Neill snapped.

"Griffins' were like that - the head of an eagle, and the body of a lion - from ancient Greek mythology." Daniel explained.

"All right Daniel - that's mythology. Can we get a reality check here?" Jack demanded.

"Well think about it Jack - maybe it's not, maybe it came from something a little more solid!"

"Oh please!" O'Neill complained.

"Dr. Jackson's right," Major Simpson said. "It was smaller, but that's definitely what it was - but it was practically invisible before it actually attacked."

O'Neill took a deep breath. "Sweet!" He reached for his radio. "Carter, Teal'c be on the look out for an invisible flying thing!"

"Sir? A Fenri?" Carter asked.

"Ah. No Carter, a - what did you call it?" he asked Daniel.

"A Griffin," Daniel told him, helping Mitchell to finish rigging the stretcher.

"Yeah, it's a Griffin thing, type flying....thing." O'Neill told them.



Carter and Teal'c exchanged glances. "Ok, Teal'c, invisible Griffin."

"I am unfamiliar with this term?" Teal'c informed Carter as the two made their way back over the rough terrain, now clear of the small wooded area they had camped in.

"It's from Earth mythology - a creature that had the head, and wings of an Eagle - like the Horus guard helmets - and the body of a lion?" Carter attempted the explanation, unsure of whether Teal'c was familiar with lions.

"A Teyu'Peh?" Teal'c responded. "A fierce creature, said to guard Osiris."

"What?" Carter exclaimed. "Sir! Teal'c claims this creature is called a ......" She looked at the Jaffa, who lifted his radio.

"It is in fact a Teyu'Peh," Teal'c informed.

Daniel looked up then. "Teyu - buzzard and Peh, in Egyptian is hind quarters, or back end of a lion!"

"Well that's special," Jack told him sardonically. "So?"

Daniel raised his eyes heavenwards, shaking his head. "Translation!" he snapped back.

"Teal'c what do you know about them?" O'Neill enquired.

"They are myth O'Neill, guileful and vicious creatures who protected Osiris. I know of them through Jaffa legend," Teal'c told him.

"Yeah, ah, Teal'c I don't want to sound um...negative here, but didn't you say the same thing about the Unas?" O'Neill pointed out.

Teal'c raised a considered eyebrow. "Indeed O'Neill," he confirmed.

"Yeah - that helps!" O'Neill told the others. "So.........Teal'c, in this legend, did they actually have any weaknesses, defects, failings, flaws?  You know the kind of thing?"

"I do not recall them O'Neill - except they are unable to see!" Teal'c said.

"Sweet! So how did they see us?" O'Neill mused to himself.

"Radar? Like bats?" Stuart offered.

"Or something else not in our sensory range!" Daniel said. "We are dealing with an alien creature here!"

"Ready to go Sir!" Mitchell told O'Neill.

"Ok, lets get him on the stretcher. Daniel, Mitchell you get to play nurse!" O'Neill instructed.

With Porter now securely strapped to the stretcher, the party set off, reaching the Stargate without further incident, ferrying Porter quickly through the gate back to the SGC.

O'Neill sat beside Teal'c in the briefing room as they waited on news of Porter's condition. Carter and Daniel were deep in discussion about the artefacts they had seen on the planet.

Janet Frasier's appearance cut short all conversation. Stuart, and his team ambled in behind her.

"Well, the prognosis is good!" Janet announced. "There appears to be no alien substances of any kind in the lab results we got back, and the skull was barely pierced."

"So he's gonna make it then?" Stuart asked.

"Yes Colonel, he should make a complete recovery!" Janet replied.

Hammond entered the briefing room at this point. "Colonel O'Neill, your request to return to P9Q-287 is accepted. SG5, SG6 and SG3 will accompany SG1 back to the planet."

"Yes Sir!" Colonel O'Neill replied.

Colonel Stuart left the briefing room alone, walking to his quarters at the SGC, closing the door behind him. He retrieved his sat-com radio from its usual hiding place. "Homemaker Zero Bravo, this is Interceptor over!"

"Come in Interceptor."

"Homemaker, P9Q-287, Sierra Golf 5, 6 and 3.  Repeat Sierra Golf 5, 6 and 3 - extract on my go!"

"Received Interceptor. Homeward out."


End of part One!

Judgement Day - Part Two 


Daniel followed Teal'c and Sam through the Stargate - SG3 proceeded them and finally Jack O'Neill - who paused looking back and watching the event horizon disappear.

"Alright. Let's move out." he ordered. "Take a wide arc of any plant life."

Teal'c once again took point. Joined now by Major Simpson. "Strange planet," Simpson said.

Teal'c raised his right eyebrow. "How so?" he enquired.

"It seems so barren. I mean, I never even saw anything resembling life until that Griffin like thing jumped on Porter. Weird." Simpson reiterated.

"Indeed," Teal'c responded. He moved on in silence - something about the planet troubled him too!

Colonel Stuart checked his watch, glancing across several times toward Jack O'Neill - The SG1 team leader appeared to be completely focussed on the task in hand. Stuart allowed himself a smirk. He disliked O'Neill intensely - saw him as a ‘goody two shoes' who had hampered their previous operation in turning over Makepeace and an off-world covert unit.

O'Neill looked around then. Nothing in his eyes told Stuart he knew what would soon be his fate. Another smirk. He'd enjoy it.


"Carter," O'Neill enquired. "Any readings?"

"Nothing so far Sir," Major Carter responded.

"Sweet," O'Neill said. "Well why don't we take a break - Simpson you keep watch. Daniel - a word!"

Daniel Jackson, who hearing what, after far too many miles of walking for his liking, was a welcome sound groaned inwardly, getting to his feet and walking after O'Neill who was slowly ambling away from the group.

"Jack?" he asked

"I need to know something Daniel?" The Colonel's expression askance.

"What?" Daniel enquired.

"The conversation in your lab with Stuart - exactly what is it that has you so jumpy about his company?" O'Neill's tone was almost to a whisper.

Colonel Stuart was ever watchful.

"Well. He um, basically told me that if I needed his backup. It wouldn't be available. I think it was a thinly veiled threat of violence actually!" Daniel told him.

"Ya think!" O'Neill snapped - "Well here's some news for you. I'm getting a bad feeling about this guy. He's never been exactly trust worthy."

Daniel looked concerned now. "Um, what do you mean. Exactly?" he asked. "You know him from black ops?" Daniel added after considering the statement more fully.

"Oh yeah!" O'Neill responded. Obviously unwilling to say anymore. His eyebrows raised and he leant closer to Jackson - "I'm just saying that this whole pyramid thing doesn't feel right!" O'Neill confessed.

"The pyramids?" Daniel's tone now more alarmed. "What, what do you mean?"

"I don't know Daniel, something just isn't right about this place!" Jack admitted.

"Well you're going to have to be more specific, Jack."

"More specific than something isn't right?" O'Neill asked. "How the hell do you do that?"

Daniel's perplexed expression mirrored now by O'Neill's - "Okay." Daniel said, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. "You said you don't trust Colonel Stuart - and I agree. But um, exactly how do the pyramids and this planet fit in."

O'Neill's features contorted as he searched his mind to clarify his own feelings.

"Ok. Look, this whole pyramids thing is a little too convenient."

"How?" Daniel's question almost immediate.

"Well I don't know - it just doesn't feel right." O'Neill's exasperated reply.

"Oh! Good. I'm so glad we got that cleared up!" Daniel asserted.

"Colonel," Carter interrupted. "The energy readings from the direction of those pyramids just went off the scale Sir!"

"And that means?" O'Neill asked.

Before Carter could answer two death gliders appeared from nowhere, raining down energy blasts.

"Damn!" O'Neill snapped. "Cover up!"

Teal'c fired his staff weapon towards the incoming ships - ducking at the last moment.

O'Neill shoved Daniel to the floor, rolling over to observe and point his MP5 toward the attacking ships.

"Ah. Jack!" Daniel said.

"What?" Jack snapped.

Daniel motioned towards their left - fifty or more Jaffa were moving toward their position.

"D'oh!" O'Neill exclaimed. He turned, seeing Carter, Teal'c and Stuart moving quickly towards them - cut off suddenly by a shield of some sort.

Simpson made their location. "Colonel we're out numbered," he screamed to be heard over the sounds of the gliders energy blasts.



Stuart looked across - concealing his mirth - "Lets fall back - there's no way we're getting through that," Stuart ordered.

"But Colonel O'Neill and....." Carter protested.

"That's an order Major - move!" Stuart snapped.

Carter looked around at Teal'c - who regarded her before nodding.



"Well Daniel - You're with me!" O'Neill remarked. "Happy?"

Daniel's eyes slid across to look at his colleague. "Only if you have a way out of this Jack?" he asked.

"I'm working on it." O'Neill retorted. "Simpson move to the left flank now...on the double."

Simpson crawled as fast as his arms would drag him - O'Neill pushing Daniel in between them and taking up position as the back marker.

"Get to that grouping of rocks and hang tight," O'Neill ordered.

He rolled over onto his back and took one of his grenades out - tossing it in the direction of the advancing Jaffa.

The explosion offering O'Neill the cover he required, to make the formation of rocks he had sent his companions to.

"Er. Jack," Daniel exclaimed. "I know what you mean about the feeling now!"

"Ya think!" O'Neill retorted. "Damn it all to hell," he cursed.

"Horus guards!" Daniel said, almost woefully.

"Well I can see that," O'Neill replied.

"Sir?" Simpson asked. "What does that mean."

"Heru'ur," Daniel and Jack said in unison.

"Sweet!" O'Neill complained. "I lost sight of the others - you see them?"

"They were captured sir." Simpson blurted out, his tone raised - excited.  "Surrounded by Jaffa over there." He pointed in the general direction.

O'Neill spun round. "Oh for crying out loud." His attention now back on the advancing Horus guards.

"We can't hold them off Jack." Daniel reasoned.

O'Neill frowned at him. "Daniel - do you have anything positive to say?" he demanded.

"I'll er, shut up!" Daniel replied, looking reticent - his gaze returning to the advancing hostiles.

O'Neill thought quickly, his eyes scanned the rocks. A small gap, large enough for a man to fit through to his left. "Alright, head for that," he told them, pointing toward it with the nozzle of his MP5 - "I'll lay down covering fire."<

Simpson seemed hesitant, almost reluctant to leave O'Neill - Daniel patted him on the shoulder. ";Come on let's go," he said.



Teal'c led Carter and Stuart into another area of mountain like terrain, taking cover they could barely see the firefight O'Neill and Daniel were now engaged in.

"It is likely we have been lured into a trap," he told Carter in lowered tones.

"It's certainly looking that way - those pyramids are likely disguised - probably Goa'uld Cheops - or Hat'acks," she replied.

"A trap?" Stuart asked. "What makes you think that?"

Teal'c regarded Stuart without responding - he too now felt a deep distrust of the man.



O'Neill laid the C4 explosive charges carefully - crawling backwards after tossing yet another grenade - he'd checked to ensure that Daniel and Major Simpson had managed to get safely into the opening.

Clutching his remote detonator - he went feet first into the opening - waiting until the Horus guard were almost at the explosive charges - then pressed the remote.



Jack slipped down a long incline - "Whoa!" he cried out in surprise, landing in a heap at the bottom.

Daniel was crouched near him, clutching his ankle. O'Neill sat up, his expression contorted - an uncomfortable grimace resting on his handsome features.

"Hurt?" he asked Daniel, rubbing his right buttock.

"I um, think it's broken," Daniel winced.

O'Neill expression turned to one of sympathy. "Bad?" he enquired.

"Well, um yeah!" Daniel snapped - the pain shortening his temper somewhat.

O'Neill moved gingerly. "Ow!" he moaned. Getting up then. "You'd better let me take a look."

"Thank you!" Daniel said, managing to hobble over to a large stone that looked comfortable enough to perch on.

"Where's Simpson?" O'Neill enquired, as he squatted in front of the groaning Jackson.

"He um, went that way to see if there was a way out," Daniel told him.

"Alright," O'Neill said, a heavy intake of breath. "Brace yourself - I'm gonna have to take your boot off."

Daniel nodded. "Okay...I'm braced," he imparted, without much faith in his own words.

O'Neill unlaced the boot - grasping hold of the sole with both hands. His lips pursed as he grimaced,  pulling hard to remove the boot quickly.

"Ow - Jack!" Daniel cried out.

"It's off!" O'Neill replied calmly - removing Jackson's sock. The ankle was swollen, beginning to turn purple.

O'Neill felt the injury as gently as he could - he shook his head. "It's not broken," he told Jackson.

"Well, how do you know that? - It feels broken," Daniel asserted. "It, um, hurts."

"Will you stop whining? It's sprained," O'Neill snapped.  He reached into his first aid kit, taking out a small syringe, then filling it with some fluid from a plastic tube.

"What's that?" Jackson asked.

"It's an anti-inflammatory. It'll help!" O'Neill told him.

"Wait, Jack you're not gonna stick that in my...........ouch!" Jackson exclaimed - as O'Neill pushed the needle into his ankle.

He took a bandage now and wrapped the injury tightly - Jackson bit down hard on his hand.

"Relax Daniel - it'll feel better in a minute," O'Neill told him.

"Thanks, I feel so much better knowing that!" Daniel retorted.

Major Simpson returned. "There's about six different tunnels sir," he said.

"Swell," O'Neill noted. "Any hint of a breeze coming down any of them?"  He was putting Daniel's boot back on, having already replaced his sock.

"Wait, Jack you're not thinking of doing that up are you?" Daniel winced.

"Baby!" O'Neill spat. "It'll support your ankle Daniel, for crying out loud. Will you just relax."

"Yes, when you've finished maiming me!" Daniel moaned.

Jack pulled the laces tightly - Daniel winced. Giving O'Neill a spiteful look.

"Ok. Can you walk?" O'Neill asked getting to his feet.

"If you haven't cut off all my circulation. Yes I think I can manage that," Daniel replied sarcastically.

O'Neill shook his head. His own injury - a badly bruised backside causing him discomfort.

"Well we can't stay here," He told his companions. "They'll throw one of them, Goa'uld grenade things down here and then we'll be about as useless as...." He stopped then - listening.

A noise seemed to be emanating from within the cave itself.

"Ok - stay here Daniel," Jack ordered. "Simpson go right."

O'Neill moved to the left, screwing the silencer onto the barrel of his MP5 as he did so - indicating for Simpson to do the same.

Daniel watched apprehensively, as the sound of what was clearly footsteps, became louder.

O'Neill looked to Daniel - whose expression indicated that he could see something and it wasn't good.

Two Horus guards appeared then - O'Neill spinning out in front of them with his MP5 raised.

The sheer weight of numbers defeating the Colonel's intention to fire - they would easily have been killed - and Daniel was in the open, unable to take cover.

His decision was immediate - he raised his hands leaning forward and putting down the MP5 - Simpson followed suit.

"Ok...ok," O'Neill said as three or more Horus guards approached him. "We give in."



Undiscovered in their own hiding place, Colonel Stuart felt uncomfortable - Teal'c's undoubted skill at evading capture had left him compromised.

"Alright look, I'm going to do a recon. You stay here, I'll be back in a while," he ordered.

"Sir? Are you sure? It's teeming with Jaffa out there," Carter asked.

"Look Major, I'm hoping that Jack and the others made it to safety, like we have. If that's the case we need to find him - radios aren't gonna work in caves!" Stuart's concern fooling Carter.

Teal'c observed him - a raised eyebrow and a nod acknowledging his suggestion.

"If I don't make it back - head for the Stargate and attempt to get a message through to General Hammond."

"Yes Sir!"



"You know," Jack told Daniel as they were thrown into a holding cell. "I've missed this!" Raising his arms and gesturing at the cell in general. "Haven't done the old Heru'ur thing for a while."

Daniel frowned. "Jack - What are we going to do?" he asked.

"Well now see, here are our options as I see it - We go talk to old snakeboy - he tells us we're joining his clan - we decline - he gets offended and gives us our own snake anyway!"

"Yes that's um - very nice Jack - but what are we going to do really?" Danielrepeated, the concern on his features heightened by the pain of his ankle.

Jack looked serious now, "Danny boy - I wish I knew. Just trust me on this - I'm getting us out of here. I don't know how, but I'll think of something!"



"Major Carter - I hear a sound," Teal'c told her.

Both of them moved to cover then - waiting. Two Horus guards approached their location - Teal'c stood, raising his staff weapon.

"Don't shoot!" One of them yelled - dropping his zat gun and raising his hands.

"Whoa, Teal'c wait!" Carter exclaimed.

Teal'c kept them covered.  The second Horus guard also dropped his weapon.

The helmet of the one who had spoken folded, revealing Colonel Makepeace.

"Hello Major - Teal'c," He said. "Fancy meeting you here."

"What the hell is going on Makepeace?" Carter demanded.

"That's still Colonel, Major and we don't have long," Makepeace informed her. "It's a long story Major, but, suffice to say I'm on your team!"

"Sir, why are you wearing those uniforms?" Carter enquired.

"I'm under cover Major - have been for a long time - Colonel O'Neill's arresting me was all just part of that - thought I'd done a fairly good job too - right up until I found out what they were doing." Makepeace explained.

"So um, let me get this straight - Colonel Maybourne's unit has made a deal with Heru'ur?" Carter asked.

"Oh yeah Major - I couldn't believe it either - O'Neill and Jackson were the targets. They figured if they could take those two out - problem solved. So they enlisted the help of Heru'ur," Makepeace continued.

"They made a pact with Heru'ur?" Teal'c asked.

"Look Teal'c - I'd love to debate this with you. But right now, Collins and I are meant to be finding your ass!" Makepeace told him.

"Then, in order to free O'Neill I must have that uniform," Teal'c told Makepeace. "As Heru'ur will likely kill all of his allies when he has achieved the information he seeks."

Carter sighed heavily. "We have to find a way to get inside. Are you saying that they have Colonel O'Neill in one of those vessels?"

"Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying - I saw them being taken in. And your Colonel Stuart - he's their leader!" Makepeace said. "Collin's give Teal'c your uniform. Major, I want you to head back to the Stargate, now it's going to be covered but when you fail to report in, General Hammond will establish a wormhole - you can send a message back explaining the problem."

"Good luck Sir!" Carter said.



Jack sighed to himself heavily - it was the third time in a minute or so. He'd scanned the walls - knowing it was useless - his training kicked in and he did it anyway!

"Wonder when we get our audience?" Daniel asked.

"Missed old Heru'ur, Daniel?" Jack responded.

"I'm just wondering what the hell they're waiting for!" Daniel pointed out.

"Ah, this is called 'making us sweat!'" O'Neill replied.

The door opened then and Colonel Stuart stood there. "Well, now isn't this a nice surprise."

O'Neill looked at him - "No not exactly," he spat.

"You know Jack, you're right, it's not gonna be for you," Stuart snapped - his eyes glowed then, voice changing. "Sorry to disappoint you - but Heru'ur won't be making an appearance!"

Daniel and Jack looked at each other- surprise sweeping across both of their faces - then back at the obviously infected Colonel Stuart.

"Well now I have a few more reasons to dislike this guy!" O'Neill remarked.

"Well you're not wrong there," Daniel concurred.

"Silence! You will come with me," Stuart snapped.



"You ready Teal'c?" Makepeace asked.

"Indeed," Teal'c replied.

"Then lets ship out - I think laying some C4 in one of the other shipswill give us a nice little distraction," Makepeace told him as the pairclosed their helmets and headed back towards the Goa'uld strong hold.



"He's a Goa'uld," Daniel said as they were being led through the ship.

"Yeah noticed that!" O'Neill replied. "Wonder why Carter didn't pick it up?"

"Wasn't he in the advance party that went to P3X 888?" Daniel enquired.

"Yep! - Planet 'get your own Goa'uld'," Jack retorted. "So?"

"So no Naqadah!" Daniel observed. "Those Goa'uld have been out of the gene pool, whenever the Naqadah was introduced, it was much later. Jack we have a serious problem here."

"Yeah noticed that too!" O'Neill replied.

They were led into a chamber - small cylindrical vessels filled with water - and Goa'ulds lined up neatly.

"Oh for crying out loud, not this again!" Jack complained. "You know Stuart, this 'give me my own Goa'uld thing' - it's getting old!"

"Well Jack - now that's your problem," Stuart said, speaking in his own voice again. "You see these Goa'uld's are completely undetectable!"

"Is that aside from that really nice vocal change and the glowing eye thing?" O'Neill taunted.

"Well, lets just say by then it won't matter. Once we have you and Dr. Jackson here on our side, infiltration of the SGC - Earth - now that will be easy!" Stuart boasted.

"Well see, I don't intend to let you put one of those things in my head - so therein you might have a problem," Jack argued.

"It is you who have the problem," Stuart snapped his symbiote taking over. "We will not be stopped - our plan to conquer the Tau'ri will proceed and you will serve us!" His hand raised, pointing to each of the three SGC men.

"All of you!"

"Oh for crying out loud - heard this before, do you guys consider getting new lines ever?" Jack goaded. "Who writes your scripts?"

"Silence Tau'ri - you shall be first."

A large number of Horus guards appeared then, and in their wake Heru'ur.

Stuart looked concerned. The System Lords eyes glowed his face taunt and angry.

"You dare use these creatures against me, Ahetep?" he roared.

"I am merely using these Goa'uld to quickly infiltrate the Tau'ri, my Lord," Stuart replied quickly.

"Oh dear, looks like someone's not playing by the rules!" Jack told Daniel.

Heru'ur raised his hand, his head back now, the arrogance sweeping over his face.

"You are a fool, Ahetep, your plan to challenge me was foolish," he told Stuart. "Now you and your kind will perish!"

The energy wave from the hand device threw Stuart back, into several of thecylindrical vessels containing the Goa'uld larva.

"Guess he didn't want any family extensions!" Jack noted.

"Silence O'Neill," Heru'ur spat.

A Goa'uld larva now leapt towards Simpson, the SGC man infected before he could respond, a second one headed towards O'Neill - Heru'ur destroyed it.

"Simpson, God damn it!" O'Neill's anguish evident in his voice.

The Jaffa with Heru'ur immediately killed Simpson, three zat blasts disintegrating the SGC man's body!

Heru'ur turned to Daniel and Jack now, "You will be made into hosts - but for my children!"

"Gee thanks Dad!" O'Neill said, his face contorted with hatred and sarcasm.

"Return them to the cell - prepare to leave this place!" Heru'ur demanded.

Daniel's hand went up to his face, "Oh - great. What now?" he asked O'Neill.

"Daniel, I wish I knew," O'Neill retorted.



Teal'c rejoined Makepeace, having successfully laid enough C4 on the vessel to cause some pretty big problems.

"Ok. Lets go find out people," Makepeace told them.

Teal'c nodded, "They will most likely be in the cells on the third deck, if we can locate them quickly, I believe we can get them out of the ship!"

Makepeace shook his head, causing the helmet to do likewise.

"Teal'c how do we manage to get into these situations?" he asked.

"We appear to merely walk into them Colonel Makepeace," Teal'c replied cocking his head sideways. "Shall we continue?"



Carter and Collins made their way towards the Stargate, passing close to the village that the team had discovered on their first mission.

Two of the Horus guards appeared from nowhere and began to move quickly, their arms waving about, staff weapons dropped - they shouted something.

"Whoa!" Carter exclaimed.

"What the hell?" Collins added.

Other Horus guards appeared now, attempting to help and were similarly stricken.

The two SGC personnel looked up - shocked. "It has to be those Griffin like creatures!" Carter remarked. "We'd better get out of here!"

"What could penetrate that armour so easily?" Collins asked.

"The same thing that can puncture a skull I guess!" Carter remarked.

A mist seemed to emanate from the ground before them then - rising high into the sky.

As it subsided, the form of a large being seemed to rise, slowly forming into a human shape, becoming smaller gradually to the size of a man.

"Oh boy!" Carter exclaimed.

Finally the form of a young man, lithely built, with a shock of long blonde hair approached.

"You are the human - from Abydos yes?" he asked.

"Er - Yes - we um, are human," Carter replied.

"I come to prevent your demise," the being said. "Onnophris sends me forth in your image to speak with you and guide you!"

"Onnophris?" Carter repeated.  "And you are?"

"Shu!" The being replied.

"Oh I wish Daniel was here!" Carter remarked.

"You are in danger here - the Serpents - Onnophris' enemy preside upon this great earth," Shu told them. "I will guide you to the Chappa'ai."

"Great. Um - we'd appreciate that. I'm Major Carter and this is Major Collins - we're from Earth, er Abydos!" Carter said.

"Onnophris desires that you go unharmed," Shu told them.

"Well we have some friends, too - they've been captured by the Serpents, "Carter told Shu, "Could you help us?"

"They are in the craft of the Serpent?" Shu asked.

"Er, yes. Two more of our people are trying to rescue them," Carter said.

"You will wait here, The Guardians will protect you," Shu told them.

At that moment, the creatures who had attacked and killed the Horus guards appeared several hundred Eagle-headed, lion-like bodied creatures surrounding them, each one laying upon the ground.

"Wow!" Carter exclaimed. "Guess we're waiting here then."



Heru'ur stood in the middle of the hall to which both Jackson and O'Neill had been brought - the canopic jars containing the Goa'uld he referred to as his children placed on a stone table close to him.

"Deja vu!" Daniel remarked.

"Deja vu," O'Neill repeated. "You know Heru'ur, we've done this before, can't we play, um chess or something?"

"You have no means of escape this time O'Neill. I once told you you would pay for your insolence and so it shall be. Proceed."

The Jaffa carried the jars towards the two men, who were now restrained by several Horus guards.

"Er, Daniel, if we don't make it out of this - as ourselves," Jack began, "Sorry!"

"Sorry? For what?" Daniel asked.

"Just - anything," O'Neill said, his eyes fixed on the approaching doom of blending.

"Yeah, um me too," Daniel concurred.

Jack struggled as the jar came closer, the weight and grip of the Horus guards too strong.

As the Goa'uld slid from the jar wrapping itself around the arm of the Jaffa, O'Neill was pushed forward.

The creature was placed on his back, leaping forward and entering his neck with one violent thrust of its body.

Daniel gasped in horror, closing his eyes, awaiting the same fate. O'Neill fell forward, spread-eagled on the floor, the Horus Guards releasing him, moving back.

Daniel began to pray, he couldn't control the urge, as he too was pushed forward, the creature entering his neck, he felt the sharp pain and then nothing.



Makepeace and Teal'c had made their way through Heru'ur's vessel, entering the chamber and seeing the two SGC men prostrate on the floor, the wounds in the back of their necks.

Teal'c's anger rose, he raised his staff weapon before Makepeace could prevent it, and he began firing at the Horus guard, screaming his rage.

Heru'ur took cover behind his shield. Makepeace, forced to act, assisted Teal'c in wiping out all of the Horus guard present.

"We must get them back to the SGC!" Teal'c yelled over the noise of their weapons," The Tok'ra can assist in the removal of the Goa'uld."

"No argument from me - we came here to get our people out - I'm not leaving them behind."

The explosives on the other ship detonated sending a shock wave through the vessel.

More Horus guard approached now from the bows of the ship, they appeared to be completely surrounded.

Heru'ur smirked at them, raising his hand.

A force so powerful that it knocked Teal'c and Makepeace from their feet, swept through the chamber.

Shu appeared before Heru'ur. "I am of Onnophris - your power is nothing!" Shu spoke in an almost echo like way.

Heru'ur's eyes glowed in anger, but he recognised the creature before him.

Teal'c and Makepeace, able to regain their feet ran forward, seizing up Daniel and Jack. O'Neill opened his eyes then.

"Let me go!" he snapped.

"I am sorry O'Neill," Teal'c told him, "I can not do that."

The strength and power of the Goa'uld allowed O'Neill to easily overpower Teal'c, casting him aside.

Teal'c took his Zat gun from it's holster. "I am also sorry for this O'Neill!" he said as he sent the Colonel backwards with a blast from the weapon.

Jackson was still unconscious as he was lifted by Makepeace.

Shu blocked any attempt by Heru'ur to prevent them leaving, a powerful beam of light sending the shielded Goa'uld backwards under his own power.

"Your vessels, you will leave this planet - Onnophris wills it so!" Shu told the Goa'uld, who knowing already of the power of Shu, relented.



The being swept past Teal'c and Makepeace who were drawn into the energy. 

Before they knew what had happened, they were back at the place where Major Carter and Major Collins waited, landing in a heap on the ground.

"Wow! Welcome back Sirs!" Carter exclaimed.

"Thank you Major," Makepeace replied. "But we have a slight problem. They're Goa'ulds, a present from Heru'ur before we could stop it!"

"What! Sir, we've got to get them back to the SGC and call the Tok'ra."

"I know that Major, lets move," Makepeace replied, shaking his head again, to get his bearings. "Whatever the hell that was, I have no idea, but it sure as hell got us out of there fast!"

"Shu Sir!" Carter told him. As they knelt to lift O'Neill and Daniel, the two men disappeared.

Shu too was gone.

"What the hell?" Makepeace exclaimed.

"Sir, we've got to find them!" Carter said.

Makepeace and Teal'c both opened the helmets, looking at one another.

"Oh man!" Makepeace groaned. "Not again!"


End of Part Two / Judgement Day

Discovery - Part One


Daniel awoke, his senses slow to respond to the call from his mind that he need to ouse quickly! His eyes opened, yet only a partial hue of light danced in his vision, a dull ache cascading in a crescendo of tumultuous waves through his mind.

He tried to focus, a sharper pain stabbing inside his head, intensified, it seemed by this necessity to see his surroundings.

"Ow!" he groaned. Carefully, gently sitting up - reaching for his head gingerly - closing his eyes in an attempt to numb the pain.

"Jack?" his tone almost a plea.

"Daniel?" O'Neill answered, almost relieved.

"Yes! Ah, ow!" Jackson said again.

"Yeah, my head's throbbing too!" Jack told him, wincing violently as he spoke. "You alright?" The words strained through the tension of his vocal cords.

"I think so, apart from being blind and having an intense headache - You?" Danielreplied.

"Yeah, sweet isn't it!" O'Neill retorted, determined to ignore that nagging dull ache that resonated around his mind. "Got your alter ego?" he asked.

"No, I'm single. You?"

"Nope, not detecting an egomaniac," Jack reassured, "Well, not one I'm not already familiar with!"

"You know," There was some levity in Jackson's tone now. "That's funny Jack!"

O'Neill's face broke into a smile. "Damn, it's like a herd of elephants running through my skull - and," There was a pause now. "Where the hell are we?"

"I er, don't know, I'm blind!" Daniel replied.

O'Neill thought about that for a second, "Yeah okay," he agreed. "Stupid question!"

"I'm guessing we're not at the SGC, and we're not with Heru'ur! So I'm out of ideas!" Daniel confessed.

"Sweet! Snakeless, sightless and clueless!" O'Neill remarked. "Wish I could add painless to the list!"

"Me too!" Daniel was askant now. "What the hell happened?" 

He stood slowly, attempting to feel his way around the place they found themselves in, bumping into a wall as he did so. 

"Okay I um, found a wall or something," he told O'Neill.

"Yeah! Found one of them too," O'Neill sympathetic from a similar collision. "How's your ankle?" he added whilst in empathy mode!

"Yeah, good so far."

Daniel suddenly felt the warm skin of finger tips. "And I'm kind of hoping that's you?"

"Oh yeah! Cool, well we're both here for sure. Probably better to just sit down a while and see if this headache goes," Jack mused.

"Your sight will return," Shu told them.

"Ok - Daniel - either you have a Snake in your head, or we have company!" Jack commented, startled by the presence, uncomfortable and yet maintaining his composure.

"Hi, um, we're," Daniel began. "Rather compromised, do you have a name?"

"I am Shu, Daniel Jackson. You possess knowledge of my Earth definition from your knowledge of Abydos."

"Um, yes. We are still on the planet then, did you save us?" Daniel asked, almost forgetting the dull ache in his mind, such was his excitement at hearing the name.

"Daniel?" Jack questioned. "Care to introduce me to your new friend?"

"Shu is an ancient Egyptian deity, the God Of Air, son of Ra," Daniel explained quickly. "Shu, this is.."

"Jack O'Neill, he possesses the knowledge of the Ancients!" Shu told him.

"Yes, he did possess that knowledge but it's um..."

"In his mind, a most powerful knowledge," Shu confirmed. "The Goa'uld would have found something unique within him had Annophris not prevented this, much care should be given of this mind. I shall return."

"Er...no wait!" Daniel called out. 

"Don't think he's listening Daniel. So, um....who the heck is Animorph?" Jack enquired, sliding down the wall. Daniel reached out finding O'Neill, he sat beside him - the two men shoulder to shoulder.

"Onnophris - Osiris!" Daniel said - "The God of the Underworld who once ruled Egypt before being murdered by Setesh."

"Sweet! Remind me to thank him," Jack commented. "So we're on P9Q 287?"

"Er. Yeah - I think so!" Daniel replied. "Wonder where the others are?"

Jack put his aching brow into his hand. "Ipsorum lingua!" he said.

"What?" Daniel exclaimed. "What did you just say?"

"Suis finibus - bellum gerunt - diuisa in partes tres," O'Neill continued without pause. "Contendunt fere quotidianis proeliis, quod prohibent - eorum hostis."

There was silence then. O'Neill laid his head back against the wall. "Oh man!" he muttered.

"Jack?" Daniel's voice was askance. "What did you just say."

"In their own language," O'Neill begun. "From their own territory, they wage war - divided into three parts. They fight almost daily battles because they are keeping out their enemy."

"Wow! Um, what does that mean?" Jackson probed, fascinated once more.

"It means Daniel - that whatever your friends did in removing the damn snake from my head - they seemed to have unlocked the omnis lingua of the damn Ancients!" Jack complained.

"Omnis all - um entire, language of the Ancients?" Daniel translated.

"Sounds right!" Jack replied. "Now isn't that special!"

"Why? - Why would they do that?" Daniel questioned.

"Well I don't know!" O'Neill snapped - "Maybe they have some other agenda here - and saving our asses qua de causa etiam. Ego don't know! Ah, for crying out loud!"

"Jack - don't you get it?" Daniel asked now - kneeling in front of O'Neill.

"Yeah Daniel I get it - I'm going to lose the felatus to speak properly!" he moaned.

"No Jack - you're not! You know what you're saying - you're able to translate everything you say - you understand!" Daniel enthused. "This is um - great! It's so close to Roman Latin - it's - wow!"

"Daniel! Will you get a grip!" Jack demanded. "I have a damn headache!"

"Er, yeah - I have one too - but if you still possess the knowledge and they've unlocked the door blocking that knowledge! Jack, just think of what you know. It's immense!"

"Yeah - right! I know some Alien language - lingua! Una pars!" Jack told him.

"One part of the language?" Daniel asked "Is that what you just said?"

"Yeah Daniel," A heavy sigh, "That's what I just said."



07:30 hours - Briefing Room - SGC.

Major Carter flicked over the notes, awaiting the arrival of General Hammond.  Like Teal'c she felt a sense of urgency, yet both were powerless to act without the authority of the General.

Colonel Makepeace arrived, accompanied by his XO, Major William ‘Billy' Collins.

"Major - did you find out anything on this Shu?" he asked. 

"Yes Sir - I went through some of Daniel's notes on Shu and Onnophris - who is actually Osiris. Daniel mentioned his possible existence sir," Carter replied. "And since he did help us - maybe his abduction of Colonel O'Neill and Daniel was to help them?"

"Well Major - I don't know about that - these Goa'ulds aren't usually that helpful," Makepeace commented.

"Shu was not Goa'uld - Colonel Makepeace," Teal'c said. 

"Right!" Makepeace acknowledged. "He might not have been - but we didn't exactly get to see his boss did we?"

Teal'c bowed his head once in agreement. Then added. "It is unlikely that Osiris is Goa'uld either - since the Goa'uld have no allies of which I am aware!"

Makepeace nodded now. "I'll go along with that, but either way they have our people! Not to mention that Stuart and his cohorts are still on the loose!"

General Hammond arrived then - flanked by Major Davis.

"Morning!" Davis greeted.

Joined by Major Hank Griff (SG6) and SG2 commanding officer Major James Coburn and his second in command Lt. Richard Sands.

"At ease!" Hammond ordered, as the ranks stood to attention on his arrival.

"As you know - Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson are still on P9Q 287 - at least this is the last known point of contact. We don't know of the circumstances - however, as Major Carter has written in her report - the Alien that assisted in releasing both Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson from Heru'ur's ship - may be a friendly," Hammond began. 

"However, without knowing the current status of the planet - and whether Heru'ur's forces are still present - The Joint Chief's of Staff have given the go ahead for a search and rescue mission - which will involve SG1, SG2, SG3 and SG6 - your objectives are to find and bring back Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson - without engaging the enemy if possible. Standing orders apply!" Hammond concluded.

"There's also the small matter of Colonel Stuart - which the Joint Chief's agree is a serious one - but to underline General Hammond's orders - go bring back our people!" Major Davis added.

"Colonel Makepeace will be in charge of this operation - you have 48 hours to report back on any findings, at which point, further orders will be forthcoming," Hammond told them. "Dismissed!"



"Well my sight is coming back. Slowly," Daniel said. 

"Wonder how they got the damn snakes out of our heads?" O'Neill groaned. "And if that explains the headaches!"

"Well I guess there's not much we can do until we're both sighted!" Daniel told him.

"You will remain here," Shu's voice told them. "Onnophris has need of your knowledge Jack O'Neill, since we are unable to communicate in the language of the Ancients - your assistance is also required Daniel Jackson."

"Oh here we go!" Jack complained. "Knew this whole 'saving us' thing had a darker purpose!"

"Wait Jack - Shu?" Daniel asked. "Why do you need this knowledge?"

"Onnophris wishes it!" Shu told them.

"Starting to sound like Goa'ulds to me!" Jack snapped.

"Jack just - um - shut up a minute," Daniel told his companion. "Shu - why does he need this knowledge?"

"Onnophris will's this knowledge - you must provide that which he needs!" Shu told them. "You will remain here until it is so!"

"Hope you booked a long stay car park!" Jack remarked. "And Daniel?"

"Yes Jack?" Jackson winced almost at the thought of what was about to follow.

"I give the damn orders around here - got that!" The Colonel vociferated.

"Er, yeah - so what do we do now?" Daniel enquired.

"How the hell do I know?" Jack protested.  He stopped then - realising something - something in his mind seemed to immediately hear the words. "A cultu atque humanitate, ipsi exprimo talis periculum!"

"Danger?" Daniel repeated one of the words he understood. "We're in danger?" A concern swept through his tone. 

He could barely make out O'Neill's face now. 

"From their behaviour, the society - they themselves represent such danger!" Jack translated for him. "Daniel - we're in trouble! I keep getting these same damn words."

"Why? - what do you know? What's in your mind that could possibly perceive them to be a threat Jack?"

Jack attempted to look at Daniel, although his blindness prevented him from being completely sure as to where Jackson was.

"Your friend isn't Shu - there's no Osiris here!" Jack told him. "These creatures are what the Ancients referred to as - Dominus; Tyrannus!"

"Despots?" Jackson enquired. "Why?"

O'Neill frowned - his brow furrowing deeply - "Daniel you know what a despot is right?" he asked. "Well these creatures are the worst variation of it - exitialis!"

Daniel looked at O'Neill - "Jack?"

"It means destructive Daniel!" he replied - shaking his head - "Dictum est!"

"It has been said or is said?" Daniel asked. 

O'Neill nodded slowly - a heavy sigh following the motion.

"Great! We get saved from being Goa'ulds in order to serve The despots?" Daniel snapped. "Now what?"

"Good question!" O'Neill retorted. "I'll have a think about it and get back to you - not planning on going anywhere are you?"

Daniel raised his eyes heavenwards. "Apparently not! - I don't suppose the Ancients had any otheer powers that they felt like passing on did they?"

O'Neill's eyes shot open then - he seemed to sense exactly where Daniel was, and looked, sightlessly into his face.

"Daniel!" His tone flat, almost deadpan. "Don't repeat what I'm saying!" he warned.

"Acceleres Magister lingua de loquor de mihi libere!"

Daniel considered the words carefully - In his mind speaking each one. 

Acceleres = Hasten - Magister = Master - lingua = the language  - de to? (Possibly)

loquor = speak - de (must be to) mihi = to me -  libere = freely!

"Yeah ok - I think I know where you're going!" Daniel said. "Is your sight getting any better?"

"Nope! Doubt it will any time soon either - I think that's another little trick!" Jack told him. "Sunt contineer ausculto!"

"Oh right - you can sense this?" Daniel asked, suddenly feeling more like the student of a language he hadn't really spoken enough of - mixed with words he could barely comprehend.

"Yes, Daniel - now since you aren't getting half of what I'm saying we need to work on something to get us out of here!" Jack told him.

"No - I'm getting it!" Daniel protested. "But a plan sounds good!"

Jack frowned again - "Once your sight returns Daniel, I'm going to need to know what this place looks like, ok?"

"Er, yeah sure! Shouldn't I try and get us out of here with negotiations? Tell them I don't understand the language?" Daniel asked.

"Well it wouldn't be a lie would it!" Jack pointed out - "Dictum est, odiom est quae quam ipsi magister."

Daniel shook his head. "What does it mean Jack? They are masters of hate?"

"Daniel all I can tell you is this - the Ancients put them here captivare ad praevenio - hec existinctio."

"They are a destructive force - held captive here to prevent this annihilation?" Daniel questioned.

"Alright - stay with me here Daniel!" Jack lectured. "It has been said. The Ancient's passed judgement yeah?"

"Yeah I understood that part," Daniel confirmed.

"Hate, is that which they themselves mastered, meaning there was no compassion, no care for life, they were imprisoned here to prevent further annihilation of other  species! Basically they've been here for thousands of years!" Jack told him.

"Waiting for someone, or something with the answers - or the key to open the prison?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah! ‘Bout sums it up - guess I'm it!" Jack quipped, although without humour. 

The two men sat in silence for almost five minutes.

"But what else do you know?" Daniel probed. "Is anything else in there apart from this knowledge of these aliens?"

"Nothing jumping into my fron right now Daniel, no!" Jack replied. "And as exciting as all this is for you - try to appreciate something!"

"Okay - what?"

"I'm only interested in getting out of here Daniel - so try and focus!" Jack snapped.

Shu appeared then - Daniel able to make out the form of a young man. 

"Onnophris wishes you to begin!" he said.

"Ah...yeah, we've, um,  got a problem with that actually," Daniel began. "I can't make out any of what he's saying - it's not an earth language."

"He will share this knowledge - or you will die!" Shu warned.

"Alright! That's it!" Jack vociferated, pulling himself up, wishing he hadn't and collapsing back down again. "I'm not sharing anything under threat! Go back to your Magister! Tell him that, you harm one hair of his head and you can spend a damn life time torturing me! You got it - nada - zip etiam!"

"Why do you defy Onnophris? He will kill you," Shu asked.

"No! See, I don't think so! Got a little planetary problem here don't ya!" Jack retorted his tone now burning with hatred. "You shouldn't have played with fire - your damn desire for power wiped out three planets of beings whose will was peaceful."

His tone almost snarling now. "We have left you here and here you will remain!"

Daniel looked stunned - whatever O'Neill now spoke of, clearly it was visited to him from the Ancients.

"Jack?" Daniel asked finally, after a long pause. Shu remained in the room. Daniel could still make out a form, yet this was certainly not human!

"Daniel?" O'Neill replied - his tone completely calm now - almost as if he hadn't ever raised his voice.

"Um! What was that?" Daniel enquired, moving closer to him now. 

"What? You know my head is really hurting now!" Jack complained - his eyes seemed to roll back in his head, and he slipped sideways .

Daniel moved toward him slowly, still unable to judge the distance his foot striking O'Neill's as he got closer.

"Jack?" He was askant, concerned. 

Daniel turned sharply. "Look whatever you did to him he's no good to you dead!"

"We have not harmed him, he needs rest, the knowledge he possesses is vast - you will come with me!" Shu told him.

Daniel rose, a blinding light striking him in the face - he cried out in shock, his hands immediately clutching his face.

As the sharp pain subsided he realised his sight was near perfect, allowing his palms to drop, he looked at the being before him. 

A long gaunt face, covered in a thin dark fur with huge round empty black eyes, stared back at him - a long thin mouth crossed low close to a wedge shaped chin. 

The creature didn't appear to have any nasal formation at all - it's pinched shoulders barely capable of supporting long thin arms. Yet the rest of the creature appeared almost human in form.

"Onnophris awaits!" Shu told Daniel.

"What are you?" Jackson asked, still attempting to form a description in his mind that was close to anything he'd seen on earth or the other planets he'd visited.

"We are Hyksos!" Shu told him.

"Wait - I know that term - foreign rulers - Semitic invaders who ruled Egypt," he began. "Invaders! Despots! Oh boy did we come to the wrong planet!"



As the event horizon disappeared behind them - Colonel Makepeace led his team away from the gate - towards the site where they had last had contact with Shu.

"Well no pyramids!" Carter pointed out, her relief at that fact dampened by her concern for Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson.

"Alright lets be alert, we might not have Goa'uld and Jaffa to deal with here, but it's a pretty safe bet that those other creatures are still roaming about!" Makepeace warned them. "Major Griff, you and your team take point - Major Coburn, you've got our six!"

"Sir, we should probably use the TER's - maybe they can detect these creatures!" Carter told him.

"Good point Major," Makepeace acknowledged. "Alright break ‘em out!"

Teal'c swept the immediate area as they continued on - Coburn and Griff covering their own areas.

"Major, are you picking up any readings?" Makepeace enquired.

"No Sir, nothing!" Carter told him.

"So whatever technology these things are using is pretty well concealed!" Makepeace stated. 

"It would appear to be far in advance than that of the Goa'uld!" Teal'c observed.



Daniel was led through the complex. It's walls were panelled with transparent red, glass like material - each one having a symbol similar to the one that proceeded it.

Finally they entered a vast dome at its centre an oblong shaped object the only focal point.

Inside Daniel could see a creature similar to Shu - yet having a much larger head and physique.

"This is Onnophris!" Shu told Jackson. "The Ancients imprisoned him in this place many cycles since. He cannot escape without the knowledge of the Ancients that O'Neill possesses!"

"How do you know our names?" Jackson asked, the thought suddenly occurring to him at that moment.

"I learned of your names from those that asked for my assistance!" Shu told him. 

"And taking the Goa'ulds out of our bodies - how did you do that?" Jackson enquired.

"This is of no consequence - those creatures are unable to survive that which I may inflict upon them - this technology is Hyksos - Onnophris needs freedom - he is our leadeer - without his freedom we can not leave this planet!" Shu told Jackson.

"But the um - Ancients imprisoned you here because of your actions right?" Jackson asked. "Which if I am understanding exactly what Jack says - was the annihilation of other beings?"

"These beings sought to destroy us. We were forced to defend our very existence!" Shu argued. "You have no voice here, you will explain to Jack O'Neill that your life depends upon the knowledge, Onnophris must be freed in order to lead us from this place!"

"I'll um...see what I can do," Daniel assured him. "But, um, Jack is going to need his sight back. If I can't understand the language of the ancients fully, any information he gives me is worthless to you. But if he can see, he can teach me by writing the information down."

Shu regarded Jackson for a moment. "I shall return his sight, you will then provide the information. This alone will secure your freedom."

"I understand, I am sure that once I have explained to Jack that you were merely defending yourselves, that he'll understand," Daniel told the creature.



Jack sat up quickly. His vision still impaired and yet slowly he could begin to make out some of the objects around him.

"Daniel?" he called out.

Getting to his feet, he moved carefully across the room, placing his hands on the door. His eyes closed - information began to stream into his mind.

Images of a battle, of slaughter, flashed like a momentary picture show. Fire seemed to engulf everything and there in the centre of the fire stood a creature!

"Malus - Primum otiom te video!" Jack whispered.

Moving back away from the door he stood for a moment swaying slightly under the weight of the knowledge that filled his mind. His eyes opened now and he saw the room clearly for the first time.

"Evil - first opportunity - I behold!" Jack said to himself. Repeating the words in the language of the Ancients several times.

A sense within told him that the ‘Malus' approached, he moved quickly to resume the position they had left him in, closing his eyes once more and waiting.

Shu released the door allowing Daniel back into the room and closed it behind him.

Jackson went quickly to O'Neill. "Jack?" He prodded the Colonel's arm. "Are you awake."

"Yep! Seeing clearly too!" O'Neill told him. He sat up, regarding the archaeologist.  "I know why they're here, and what they are. Hyksos, Daniel, invaders. These guys give the Goa'ulds a good name! And if I've said that before, you'd better believe I know it now!"

Jackson sighed heavily. "Well they're um, not letting us out of here until you free Onnophris from his prison!" Daniel imparted.

"The Ancients called him Malus," Jack said. "And there's not one chance in hell that I'm letting him out!"

"Look Shu gave you back your sight to teach me how to translate the language!" Daniel began.

"Back up Danny," Jack snapped. "Listen to me. These Hyksos wiped out three entire races before they came up against the Ancients and found someone with more power than they possessed. The whole thing depends on Malus, even confined in the chamber that prevents him from unleashing his powers, this whole place and the power of his minions comes from him!"

"Ok, so what are you suggesting?" Daniel asked.

"I'm suggesting that I give them what they want, but not exactly how they want it!" O'Neill told him. "This whole place is designed by the Ancients, Daniel - and I know exactly how it works."

"Which would explain why he's so concerned about giving you your sight back!" Daniel concurred. 

"Oh yeah!" Jack said. "There's only one problem."

Daniel looked concerned suddenly. "And that is?"

"I can get you out of here Daniel - but not me! I can't leave here," Jack told him.

"Wait, I don't understand?" Daniel questioned. "If you can get me out, then why not you?"

Jack closed his eyes. The Ancients language, the explanation filled his mind. He waited, allowing the words to translate.

"I have to place my hands at a point on that chamber. There's a sequence. Once it's set off there won't be time to get out," Jack explained.

"Well ok - so that idea's out then!" Daniel protested. 

"Daniel, look, we're not getting out of here unless I use this knowledge," He was gesturing now towards his head. "To bargain with - it doesn't make any sense for both of us to die here does it?" 

He regarded Daniel's defiant expression for a moment, a look of disbelief entering his own eyes, followed quickly by a lopsided grimace

"Why am I arguing with you? It's an order - follow it!"

"Um - I don't think so Jack!" Daniel retorted. 

"What?" O'Neill demanded.

"I'm not in the military and I don't give a damn how many orders you issue, or how sarcastic and demanding you get. There's got to be another way out of this Jack, other than either of us dying!" Daniel's tone, his body language and his expression seemed to underline his obstinacy. 

O'Neill raised his eyebrows, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. He knew the pacifist in Jackson well enough to know no reasonable argument would suffice.

"You can be such a pain in the....." Jack snapped.

"Yeah! So can you, just think of something else," Daniel insisted.

"Fine! I'll just mosey around in here a bit," Pointing again to his head. "And see what else I can come up with."

"Good!" Daniel replied. He sat back against the wall next to O'Neill, his arms folded almost petulantly. "I'll just sit here and ....." He considered his next comment. "Um...I'll just sit here!" he stated.

"Good," O'Neill replied. Looking at him quizzically. "Do that!"

"I am!" Daniel told him, head laid back against the wall. "Except?"

"What!" O'Neill snapped.

"Why don't we sit on those more comfortable looking bed things?" he asked, nodding in the general direction of the place he had woken.

O'Neill considered this for a moment. "Yeah! Good call!" He stood, offering his hand to Jackson and pulling the archaeologist to his feet.

"Thanks!" Daniel said, a rueful smile spreading quickly across his face.

"Welcome!" O'Neill replied, attempting to disguise his own amusement.

Both men sat now on their respective ‘beds' - "Jack?"


"If we do happen to get out of this?" Jackson enquired.


"Can you teach me the full Ancients dialect?" There was something in Jackson's tone that sounded almost jealous.

O'Neill closed his eyes and shook his head. "Tell you what Daniel, if we do happen to make it out of this alive, I'll record it on tape for you - add it to your greatest hits collection or something!"

Daniel smiled to himself.



Makepeace checked his watch. "Alright lets take a break. Three man watch team," he ordered. "Major Carter anything on that device?"

"Still nothing Sir!" she told him.

"Colonel Makepeace," Major Coburn shouted. "Over there Sir."  He was pointing towards a loan figure heading their way.

"It's Colonel Stuart, Sir," Coburn confirmed once checking through his binoculars.

"Return of the Prodigal son!" Makepeace spat. "Remember, he thinks I'm on his side so lets be careful here people!"

Major Coburn headed out to meet Stuart. 

"Major! Am I glad to see you guys, thought I'd had it for sure!" he told Coburn, patting him on the shoulder.

"Well, we'd almost given up hope of finding you Sir!" Coburn lied. "Colonel Makepeace is leading the search party, we're here to find you, Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson," Coburn continued, following Stuart back to his group.

"Peter - You okay?" Makepeace asked, a concern in his voice that surprised even him!

"I'm doing alright Makepeace, what's the situation with Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson any news?" Stuart enquired, concerned now that his secret was at risk.

"Nothing so far. Major Griff, take Colonel Stuart back to the SGC, General Hammond will be relieved that we've at least accomplished one of our goals!" Makepeace ordered.

"If it's all the same to you Colonel, I'm fine! I'd like to help you find Jack and Dr. Jackson," Stuart told him.

"Alright, got to admire the spirit of a Marine. Major Griff do we have a weapon for Colonel Stuart?" Makepeace asked.

"Yes Sir, my sidearm!" Griff replied.

"Alright then, lets get our people back shall we?" Stuart announced.

Makepeace looked at Carter as Stuart strode off. "Don't worry Major, it's not loaded!" he told her, a smirk sweeping across his features.

Carter returned the smile. "Yes Sir!" she said.



"Pertient eos de aut - Ego quoque prohibent - Daniel - I've got a plan!" O'Neill broke fromm one language to his own so quickly, that Jackson had little time to assess what he'd actually said.

"Connect them to either. It's a power source the Ancients left in this place, the boundary that's keeping Malus in. I can re-route the power source and blow this place, there's a force shield - we've got to get out of this room - Ego diuisa unam - of the power sources!" Jack continued.

"Wait um! Jack slow down - I can't follow what you're saying!" Daniel complained. "You divided one of what?"

"For crying out loud Daniel, the power sources! That bit was in English!" Jack retorted.

"I know that, Jack,  I was trying to decipher the first part of what you said when you launched off in....oh never mind. Where, and how exactly do we get out of here?" Daniel enquired.

Jack smirked at him. "These guys are so stupid, I'm stupid - they can't kill me Daniel!"

"I know because of the knowledge!" Daniel concurred.

"No! Daniel, they can't touch me, not like they can you. It's here, it protects me, like some force shield," O'Neill told him. "The place is built by the...." he began, his voice suddenly trailing off as he noticed the look on Jackson's face.

A heavy sigh from Jackson. "Jack, would you mind slowing down or something?" he asked. 

"Hey!" Jack exclaimed. "Now you know how I feel when you go off at tangents!  I can't explain this stuff to you anyway!"

"Why?" Daniel sounded and looked hurt. "I'm not stupid!"

"Just, don't ask, it's a long story - with lots of lingua! Trust me ok!"

Daniel raised both his eye brows, still unbelieving of the statement and yet sure that O'Neill's confidence must be borne from it.

"Yeah - ok!" Daniel agreed. "So, since you can get out of here - um - now?"

O'Neill strode towards the door placing his hand in a small hexagon shaped point. The door opened immediately.

"Oh yeah - it's all coming back to me now!" Jack told him, a measure of delight sweeping across his features.

Daniel followed as O'Neill strode down one of the long tunnels, turning left where Jackson remembered turning right.

"Um, Jack this is a dead end!" Daniel noted.

O'Neill's smile told him otherwise - at the very end of the tunnel he placed his hand on another symbol, opening a door into a huge chamber. It's walls were lined with symbols similar to those that Jackson had seen in the other chamber where Onnophris was held.

"Whoa!" Jackson exclaimed, the sheer size of this chamber seemed almost abyss like.

"These guys sure knew how to create a prison!" O'Neill told him.

"It's amazing!" Jackson said. "What do all these symbols mean - they're like nothing I've seen before Jack?"

O'Neill was already at a point where the symbols seemed to meet in the centre of the chamber - a small console showing sixteen octagonal shapes.

"Daniel" Jack said, turning now to the archaeologist, his hands placed firmly on Jackson's shoulders. "If that creature comes in here, you stay behind me, understand me!" Jack told him - "No matter what you see - you stay right behind me." 

"Ah yeah sure - this is sounding ominous!" Jackson noted. "Exactly what might I see?"

O'Neill looked at him, a tiny pinnacle of light in his eyes. "These creatures have the power to change matter Daniel, into anything they like, manipulate minds stronger than their own!"

"Why didn't the Ancients just kill them?" Jackson asked.

Jack smiled - "It's not their way Daniel - they believed in the sanctity of life, all life. Go figure!"

"You will be destroyed for this!" Shu roared, the size of the creature that Daniel had seen previously now growing in stature.

"Yeah, yeah - whatever," O'Neill responded. 

The chamber was now filled with the small griffin like creatures, surrounding them, crouched low ready to pounce.

O'Neill turned to the console. "Daniel - keep me between you and that!" Jack snarled.  "It's gonna get a little hot around here!"

"Er..Jack those things are getting closer!" Daniel pointed out. "I don't want to rush you or anything."

"Vale meus amicus!" Jack said, his eyes seemed to smile then.

"Jack wait!" Daniel protested.

O'Neill pushed a sequence of symbols. Jackson felt himself almost floating suddenly and then he was on the surface of the planet, startled he looked around.

"Jack?" he called out.



"Sir I'm getting readings off the scale here!" Carter shouted across to Makepeace as they continued toward the village.

"What kind of readings, Major?" Makepeace demanded. "Where?"

"At eight o'clock," Carter replied, turning in that direction.

The whole group began making their way towards the mountainous area they first sought refuge in. Daniel appeared then from nowhere.

"Daniel!" Carter exclaimed.

Colonel Stuart gritted his teeth, hanging back, allowing the others to get ahead of him.

"Sam. Boy, am I glad to see you!" Daniel told her.

"Where's Colonel O'Neill?" she asked.

Teal'c turned, looking around, seeing Stuart heading away from them.

"Colonel Makepeace!" he shouted. 

Makepeace, turned and like Teal'c, saw Stuart's attempted escape.

"Alright, Coburn, stay here with your team. Major Griff, you're with me - let's go!" Makepeace ordered.

The two groups split, Daniel was still trying to answer Carter's question.

"Vale meus amicus!" he said suddenly.  He caught his breath.

"What?" Coburn asked, scratching his head.

Daniel looked away for a moment. "It er, it was the last thing that Jack said to me!" he replied.


"He's with Shu and Onnophris," Daniel began, ignoring the request for a translation. "Only they're apparently not what we thought!" Daniel blurted out quickly.

"Daniel Jackson, are you well?" Teal'c asked.

"What? Yeah! Goa'uld-less you mean? Yeah!" Daniel's tone was excited. "We've got to find Jack!" he said.

"Daniel, slow down, what happened?" Carter asked.

Daniel took a deep breath. "Ok - we er, woke up in this place, I'm not sure where it is, built by the Ancients. The Hyksos, that's the name of these aliens by the way, they used their technology to get rid of the Goa'ulds!"

"Hyksos?" Teal'c repeated. "Creatures known as the vile ones even to the Goa'uld!"

"No wonder Heru'ur didn't stick around!" Coburn noted. "Something that scares the Goa'uld!"

"Major Coburn, these creatures are far worse than the Goa'uld, many Jaffa armies were lost when these two race's battled. No Goa'uld ever survived them!" Teal'c explained. 

Carter looked horrified. "Daniel, Colonel O'Neill?"

"Jack's got some kind of power. They seemed to have found the part of his mind where the Ancients knowledge apparently still remains, he's going to try and destroy them using the Ancients knowledge and technology," Jackson stopped then, almost as if stricken.

"Daniel, what?" Carter asked.

"He's going to destroy them - and probably himself in the process!" Jackson told her.

"What?" Carter exclaimed. "No!"

"Sam, I don't know where it is, he told me he could get me out, when I argued with him he said there was another way. I guess," Jackson paused now. "I guess he lied!"

The words came almost as a realisation to him, as much as to those who now listened.

"Major Carter, if these readings are coming from the place where Colonel O'Neill is, perhaps we can find a way in!" Teal'c observed.

"Daniel, how did he get you out?" Carter asked.

"He kept telling me I had to stay close, he was operating some kind of a panel," Daniel explained. "And then I was here, outside, almost instantly."

Carter look nonplussed. "Well we have to find him!" she snapped. "Daniel, damn it where?"

Jackson looked at her, the tension on her face suggested a lot more to him than even she realised.

"Sam, I don't think this place anywhere we can access!" Daniel said softly, almost a whisper. "Whatever Jack has in mind, I don't think we can help, or stop it! We'll just have to wait - and hope."

Teal'c raised his head now. "Daniel Jackson, if this place is close by then we should attempt to find it!" he said.

"Daniel's right Teal'c," Carter conceded. "I'm not getting any readings at all."

"Was that Colonel Makepeace?" Daniel enquired, his focus suddenly sharpened again.

"Yeah, he's taken off after Colonel Stuart!" Coburn told him.

Daniel looked stunned suddenly remembering Stuart from Heru'ur's ship.

"Um, Colonel Stuart?" Daniel repeated. Eyebrows flicking up quickly. "He's a Goa'uld!"

"What?" Carter exclaimed once more.

"Er, yeah, he's apparently been carrying one around since he went to P3X 888 - which um....doesn't say an awful lot for our screening!" Daniel pointed out.

"Oh my God!" Carter said. "We have to get back to the SGC and tell General Hammond. Didn't Stuart have an MRI?"

"Pass!" Daniel told her. "Um, you go back, I'm gonna stick around here and see what else I can find out from that village, I guess what ever race was settled there was wiped out by the Hyksos!"

"No Daniel, we've got to report this to General Hammond right away, and you need to get checked over by Janet. My God, Stuart could have planted any number of devices on the base before he left!"

"Look Sam!" Daniel's tone raised now, he took a step toward her aggressively. "You go back, I'm going to check out that village!"

Carter looked angry now too. "Daniel, I'm just as concerned for Colonel O'Neill as you are - shouting at me and disobeying my orders isn't helping!"

"I don't take orders, Major Carter," Daniel snapped. "I'm a civilian!"

Teal'c looked surprised by their exchange, turning to look at Major Coburn who was equally taken aback.

"Major?" Coburn said. "Why don't we go back to the SGC - leave Teal'c and Dr. Jackson here to help Colonel Makepeace?"

Carter and Jackson were still glaring at each other. Both suddenly seemed to realise the futility of this at the same time, Carter's expression softened.

"Yeah - Colonel Makepeace come in?" She spoke into her radio now.

"Go ahead Major," Makepeace's voice.

"Sir, Daniel believes that Colonel Stuart is now a host for a Goa'uld Sir, should we head back to the SGC to alert General Hammond, over?"

"Affirmative Major. Take Dr. Jackson and Teal'c with you - Leave Major Coburn guarding the gate - Over!" Makepeace ordered.

Daniel shook his head. 

"Um, Dr. Jackson is requesting that he and Teal'c be allowed to remain Sir?" Carter told him.

"Yeah ok! Give Jackson a radio and a weapon and make sure he keeps in contact with me. Makepeace out!"

"Yes Sir!" Carter replied. "Major have one of your men give their radio to Daniel."

Daniel nodded, clipping the radio in place. "Thank you!" he said. "We'll er, see you soon then."

He turned then moving away towards the village, Teal'c nodded at Carter and followed him.

"Daniel Jackson. I am curious what were those words you spoke, the last ones from Colonel O'Neill?"

Daniel closed his eyes, stopping in his tracks.

"He said - Vale meus amicus," Jackson imparted.

"What does that mean Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c enquired.

Daniel took a deep breath, his eyes seemed to well slightly. 

"It means goodbye my friend," Daniel said, turning away sharply then and continuing towards the village.


End of Discovery Part One. 


Discovery - The conclusion.


Jack O'Neill turned towards Shu now - his face masked with hatred borne of the knowledge gifted to him by the Ancients.

"Hec otiom ut video -  est omnis tu repraesento - legibus quae est iustus - Ut necesse fauces condemo! Tu ergo, necesse morior!"

(This opportunity I behold - Evil is all you represent  - In Law that is just- I must pass judgement - You therefore must die).

Shu regarded him, his hatred burning equally as passionately as that of the being who possessed the knowledge.

"Your words mean nothing!" he retorted. "The Ancients would never kill another race - the last of their kind!"

"Ad infinitum!" Jack replied, relishing the power that he felt building inside him. His eyes opened wide, he smirked at the being before him. 

"Here's a newsflash for you, I'm not one of them, not your day is it?"

The Griffin like creatures sprang towards O'Neill. His eyes closed, hands raised palms upwards brilliant beams of light seemed to come from every symbol in the chamber. A swirling wall of energy surrounded him . As the creatures struck this force shield, they were disintegrated, their screams fading into the energy of the shield,  seeming to give it more power.

"Extinctio!" O'Neill told the creature he now perceived.   

O'Neill opened his eyes, closing his hands he moved forward now, Shu unable to prevent his passing.

Shu finally recognised the intention, his master had heard the words of condemnation when the Ancients had incarcerated them on the planet, but one word had not been used - extinctio.

The warning suddenly became clear - this creature of limited ability and power now intended their destruction!

Shu attempted to be ahead of O'Neill yet was unable to pass. The power within the place they dwelt had passed into their foe. He screamed with rage, the force of that sound reverberating through the length of the long tunnels.

O'Neill continued oblivious.  He walked towards the chamber, the small pinnacles of light that shone in his eyes now became a beam. 

Extending from it's host the power surged forward, it struck the chamber that held Onnophris, shattering the cell, imploding and destroying its captive, red and blue flames consuming prisoner and prison.

Jack fell to his knees unable to move, his body shaking with the force that emanated from him.

"Adversariorium fidem descendo!" O'Neill spoke slowly. The chamber began to shake the panels of symbols exploding one after the other, swirling around him in a whirlpool.

O'Neill knelt in the centre of the chamber, his arms outstretched he felt the fire engulf him, lift him, and then there was silence and serenity. A sense of calm washed over him, O'Neill took one last breath before succumbing to the oblivion that held him.



Daniel checked his watch. Almost eight hours had passed and finally they were nearing their destination. He stopped in his tracks as the ground began to shake beneath him, glancing around at Teal'c, who too had halted, and was crouching to maintain his balance.

"What the hell is that!" came Makepeace's voice over the radio.

"I've got no idea," Daniel replied. "It feels like an earthquake?"

He knelt on the ground touching it with his finger tips. "Powerful!" he noted.

"What is an earthquake?" Teal'c enquired. 

"It's kind of like that Teal'c, the earth quakes!" Daniel pointed out.

Teal'c regarded Jackson, his head tilted to one side, eyebrow cocked.

"I see!" he remarked. 

Daniel looked away, his facial expression uncontrollable, breaking into a smile at the quizzical regard on the Jaffa's face.

The tremors stopped, Daniel paused for a moment - listening. 

"Ah - well it's done! Shall we continue?" Daniel asked, little more concerned than he let on.

"Indeed!" Teal'c replied.

"Ah, Colonel Makepeace did you find Colonel Stuart or should I be watching my back?" Daniel enquired.

"Negative Dr. Jackson. What's your location we'll make our way? Over," Makepeace asked.

"It's um..." Daniel looked around. "We're about a mile outside of that village...not too far from where the Motherships were located...um over!" 

"Yeah I read you! We'll RV at the village - Makepeace out!"

"I wish Jack had heard that!" Daniel commented his thoughts still very much with his friend. "I actually used the radio correctly." He smiled, pleased with himself, then continued on toward the village.

Teal'c glanced after him, a slight shake of his head. "I too wish Colonel O'Neill were here!" he said, more to himself than to Jackson.

"You know!" Daniel continued. "It's odd, for all the times that Jack and I have disagreed, argued, insulted one another. I never thought he'd say that. Not to me, not the way he did. Vale meus amicus!" he repeated. 

Sombre at the thought suddenly that the tremors could well have marked the end of his friend.

Teal'c listened, silent, aware that Jackson was suffering a loss, yet convinced he would see his friend again.

"Did I tell you about the time we were round his house, the first time, when I came back from Abydos?  We really talked, it was strange, it was so strange. He sensed it - that I needed someone to talk to about Sha're," Jackson admitted. "Then when I needed someone, after Sha're died, he was there again.  I never really gave it much thought," His brow furrowed slightly as he did so. 

"I guess we've survived so much...." There was a long pause then, Daniel felt like his words were inadequate, and talking just for the sound of his own voice to dispel the fear of losing his friend, made him fear the very thing he attempted to forget.

"Yes um," he said, catching himself. "The er, village shouldn't be too far now!"

Daniel stopped then, looking down the slope towards the village. It was devastated, almost gone under the force of what he had perceived as an earthquake, a few huts remained.

"Whoa! Guess that was the focal point," he told Teal'c, moving quickly down the slope. 

Teal'c joined him, more cautious in his movement.

"Thanks Teal'c!" Daniel said, once the Jaffa had caught up to him.

"For what do you thank me Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c enquired.

"For listening, anyway I'll shut up," he mused. "You know, Jack would have told me to shut up anyway by now!"

"Alright Daniel! Shut up!" O'Neill said, emerging from inside one of the derelict huts.

"Jack!" Daniel exclaimed. "What the....how did you get out ....did you do this?"

"Whoa...slow down Danny!" O'Neill told him.

Teal'c smiled at O'Neill, the kind of smile that was unique to the Jaffa, Jack's lopsided grin returning the compliment.

"Great to see you guys too!" he said.

"What happened?" Daniel asked, his face beaming brightly toward O'Neill.

"Well, I said a few words, got angry and destroyed the place - ah!" His hand shot up in Daniel's face. "Before you ask me how, I don't know, don't remember a thing!" he said.

Daniel looked nonplussed. "Nothing?" he asked.

"Nope!" O'Neill's wink at Teal'c seen immediately by Jackson, who still overjoyed to see his friend, had not risked looking away lest it be some form of mirage!

"I saw that!" he said.

"What?" Jack asked, as relieved as Daniel, yet as playful as ever.

"That wink! You promised Jack!" Daniel chided.

"Promised what? Jeez Daniel gimme a break," Jack told him. "So what's happening here? No Goa'ulds?"

"The ships of Heru'ur have departed O'Neill" Teal'c confirmed.

Jack looked around. "Yeah I can see that. So why are you still here?"

"Jack?" Makepeace called out as he approached.

"Robert!" Jack acknowledged.

Colonel Makepeace smiled, shaking his head. "You've got nine damn lives Jack!"

"Well I'm running out rapidly, what's going on?" he asked again.

"Colonel Stuart is at large on this planet. Dr. Jackson told us about the Goa'uld, we were looking for him. Where the hell did you come from?" Makepeace enquired.

"I haven't got a clue!" Jack replied. "Alright, anybody got a spare radio and weapon" He looked from one man to the other, suddenly remembering where his were!

"Ok forget I asked, I know where I can find mine!"

"So what's the plan?" Makepeace asked, looking across at Jackson who was still beaming broadly.

"We find Stuart and his friend, get him back to earth and take it from there!" O'Neill told them. 

"Sounds fine by me!" Makepeace agreed. "Weapon?"

"In the caves where we were captured, not too far from here. All my gear's there, shall we?" O'Neill gestured in the direction he intended to lead them.

"Jack - um - Interroga?" Daniel asked.

Jack looked at Daniel a broad grin sweeping across his face.

"In omnibus curiosus existis nec me desinis infestare!" he replied, turning away from the confused looking Jackson and beginning the trek towards the cave.

Makepeace turned to Teal'c. "Great, sounds like double dutch to me!"

Teal'c cocked an eyebrow.  "It is in fact the language of the Ancients!" he said. 

The party began to move off after O'Neill, Daniel pausing, his expression changing to one of recognition.

"That's not funny Jack!" he called after O'Neill, realising that he was alone, he raised his eyebrows heavenwards and set off after the group.

"What did you say?" Makepeace asked, himself curious of O'Neill's apparent ease with this new language.

"Oh I just told him his curiosity is constantly pestering me!" O'Neill replied. "You know Makepeace, that's probably the worst part of it, not having all this stuff in my head - but the thought of Daniel wanting it too!"

Makepeace grinned. "He's a talented kid alright," he retorted. 

"How'd you figure?" Jack asked. "Didn't he drive you nuts when you had him in your command?"

"Nope, fascinating wealth of knowledge, kind of made me wish I'd diversified a little more!" Makepeace admitted.

Jack looked quizzically at his colleague. "Really?" His eyes creasing up at the grimace sweeping across his face. "See, I can respect the knowledge thing! I can. It's the endless useless stuff right before he gets to the point that I can't deal with that!"

"Maybe I didn't have him in my command long enough!" Makepeace concurred. "I should probably bow to your greater knowledge, but I like him!"

"Oh yeah, love him to death myself," O'Neill quipped. "Gonna love the debrief too!"



Carter appeared through the event horizon seconds after sending a radio transmission to Major Coburn.

"Good news Sam," Coburn told her.

"What?" she asked, checking her gear for the third time.

"Colonel O'Neill is with Colonel Makepeace!" Coburn beamed.

"Is he alright?" Carter's eyes lit up. "Where was he?"

"Well we don't know that for sure, but he is ok and they're gonna take off after Colonel Stuart. Bad news! We have gate duty!" Coburn told her.

"We do?" Carter looked disgusted. "Great! I suppose that was Colonel O'Neill's order?"

"Nope, Colonel Makepeace is in charge Sam . I just boiled up some water, didn't figure we'd be going anywhere soon, want some?"

"Yeah, thanks James. Coffee right? Not boiling water?" Carter smiled at him.

"Witty! Must come from working with Colonel O'Neill!" Coburn laughed. "What's he like anyway - I mean really?"

The two Majors headed for the portable stove, his men positioned to cover the gate. Coburn always took it in shifts for each man to have a break, now it was his turn. They sat down, Coburn passing Carter the coffee. 

"Colonel O'Neill's well...he's great to work with actually," Carter told him.

"I have a friend in records, says O'Neill's file is so classified even his CO can't open it. I figured maybe black ops, previously or something, I was kind of expecting some kind of hardass!" Coburn told her.

"Well actually I haven't even seen his file. He never really talks about it much. But he's certainly not a by the book kind of CO if that's what you mean!"

"Yeah, that's kind of what shocked me! My former CO, man, you'd have flinched when he spoke. Colonel O'Neill's so much more personable!"

"Yeah, but you get to command your own unit!" Carter told him. "You know about man management skills, how are you with your guys?"

Coburn smiled. "Pretty laid back actually. Guess Colonel O'Neill's the same then?"

"Oh yeah," Carter smiled back at Coburn. "He's definitely laid back. Um, James, did you want to ask me something specific?"

Coburn looked down, averting his eyes from Carter's.

"Alright, actually, yes!" Coburn looked up now, determination on his face. "How the hell does he get himself out of so many situations that most of us would perish in? See I'd like to ask him that, kind of get inside his thinking. I haven't had special forces training, militarily speaking!"

Carter was taken aback then, looking at Coburn incredulously. The Major stopped, looking back at her.

"Sam?" he asked.

She smiled. "You would get on well with Colonel O'Neill - trust me!"

"Major Coburn!" Sgt. Peters called out.

Coburn stood up, looking around at his charge. "Sergeant?"

Peters was pointing up towards two death gliders that were sweeping towards them.

"Defensive positions. Colonel Makepeace, come in Sir!" Coburn yelled into his radio.

"Yeah go ahead," Makepeace replied. 

"Sir we have sighted two, repeat two death gliders at our location, over!" Coburn told his superior officer.

Carter already knelt on the ground, her MP5 tracing the gliders across the sky.

"What is the intention Major Coburn, over?"

"Appear to be recon Sir, please be advised our location has no cover sir!"

Jack looked at Makepeace. "Tell them to head back through the gate if things escalate Robert, they can't hold off attacking gliders without some pretty heavy artillery!"

"So what the hell do you think the Goa'uld's are up to this time? Surely not looking for Stuart?" Makepeace commented.

"No I doubt that, he's not exactly part of their clan, if you know what I mean!" Jack told Makepeace. "Heru'ur's probably just seeing how the land lays, Teal'c?"

"That is correct O'Neill, he may require this planet for some purpose, even the technology possessed by the Hyksos!" Teal'c confirmed.

"Or maybe he's still after you?" Makepeace pointed out, "and Dr. Jackson!"

"That doesn't make any sense!" O'Neill argued. "The only reason he'd want me, or Daniel is for our knowledge of the SGC, why give up Stuart?"

"Sir?" Coburn's voice askant.

"Standby!" Makepeace ordered.

"You are incorrect O'Neill, Heru'ur would wish to conquer his enemy, he believes you and Daniel Jackson represent that enemy!" Teal'c corrected.

"Yeah, especially after the last two encounters!" Daniel agreed. "We both challenged him Jack!"

"Oh for crying out loud, does anyone think this is just a little too cliche?" O'Neill complained. "Carter come in!"

"Read you Sir!" Carter responded.

"Give me a situation report, are they definitely recon?"

"Affirmative Sir, they haven't returned," Carter acknowledged.

"Alright then, we'd better assume that since they saw our people at the Stargate they'll report our presence here. If Heru'ur is looking for some trophies we'd better make sure he doesn't get them. Colonel Stuart will have to wait! I say we get the hell out of here!" O'Neill suggested.

"Actually that's probably a good idea," Daniel agreed.

"I concur!" Teal'c said.

"Ok - Carter, send someone through the gate and let Hammond know we may need some heavy back up to secure the gate, we're gonna make our way back, over."

"Yes Sir, out."

"Quickest route back to the gate?" Jack asked.

"Would be South, direct line, trouble is we're completely in the open the whole time!" Makepeace said.

"Alright, then we stay here in the caves until nightfall, then head back!" O'Neill agreed.

"Anyone bring any cards?" Makepeace asked, beginning to unstrap his hefty backpack.

"Negative Sir!" Major Griff replied.

"Oh darn!" Jack groaned.

"Yep!" Makepeace concurred. "I spy again!"

The two men grinned at each other. "Teal'c, you take first watch. Major Griff, you go keep him company. Makepeace, you got any coffee or food in that thing?" O'Neill asked pointing towards his rucksack.

"Think I can rustle up something," Makepeace confirmed. "Dr. Jackson you must be hungry too!"

"Actually, er, yeah! Ravenous," Daniel agreed.        



Three more SG teams were sent through the gate with heavy artillery. Major Coburn positioned his men carefully, a two man team ready to open the gate.

"If we were on earth it would be dark by now!" Coburn told Carter. "I hate these 36 hour days!"

"Messes with your time clock alright!" Carter replied. 

"So what do you do when you're not on duty Sam?" Coburn asked, he'd wanted to break the ice earlier, talk about something other than the military.

"Oh - um," A protracted sigh. "Well - I - actually I spend a lot of my spare time following up on some of the things we bring back, I mean the Naqadah reactor for instance."

"Don't you ever just kick back, take in a movie?" Coburn interrupted.

"Wow - I think the last movie I saw was...." Sam raised her eyebrows. "I can't remember!"

"We should do that, go out, relax!"Coburn suggested. "Socialise, forget the SGC, I never do that, it would be a cool thing to do!"

"Yeah - I er, Maybe," Carter replied.

"Maybe? Jeez Sam, I'm not asking you out on a date, what made you so uncomfortable?" Coburn enquired a broad smile crossing his face.

"You're right, I'm just being a jerk! So when?" Sam asked.

"Great, as soon as our shifts allow it I guess. I'm off duty as from the end of this mission?" Coburn told her.

"Me too! It's um, a date, or not!" Carter laughed.

Coburn smiled at her. "Or not!" he replied.



"Jack?" Daniel called over to O'Neill.

"Yeah Daniel?" Jack looked over his shoulder. he was checking through his gear.

"We've got some leave after we get back, I was, um, wondering if you'd take some time to teach me some of the Ancient's dialect?"

"Daniel, it would be my pleasure," Jack replied, using the well rounded vowels to accentuate the comment, underlining the pain it caused him. "But!" he added.

"But what?" Daniel asked, curious now as to what bargain O'Neill might force him to strike.

"Only if you take some time to learn how to use ..."

"O'Neill!" Teal'c shouted. 

O'Neill was immediately on his feet. "What's up Teal'c?" he asked moving toward the Jaffa.

As he reached his location he could hear what sounded like the approach of many Jaffa.

"It's gotta be that damn snakehead again!" O'Neill complained. "Alright, we're um, probably out numbered here, so lets make it difficult!"

"Fire fight in here could give us an advantage!" Makepeace commented.

"Alright, lets get further back. Makepeace you got point! Daniel, lets go!" Jack urged.

The six man team moved deeper into the caves, Makepeace at point, his torch beam breaking through the darkness.

"How far Jack?" he asked. 

"Not much farther, we'll hold up. Teal'c and Collins can scout on ahead, maybe there's another way out of here!" O'Neill said.



Carter checked her watch. "We should have heard from them by now!" She told Coburn, who had just returned from a recon of the surrounding area.

"Maybe they're maintaining radio silence?" he suggested.

"It's just too damn quiet," Carter complained. "If Heru'ur has landed one of his ships on the planet he can cut off their escape route to the Stargate."

"Assuming he knows they're here?" Coburn reminded her.

"Oh he knows! They'd be no other reason for us to be here!" Carter reminded him.  "We'd better be prepared for a battle!"

"I think we've got about as much fire power as we can risk having Sam!" Coburn said. 

"I just don't think it's ever going to be enough."



"Well they're definitely in here," O'Neill concluded. "And that's not a good thing. We'll have to move deeper in and hope that Teal'c's come up with a way out of here."

"Well this just keeps getting better and better!" Daniel complained.

"Lets move," O'Neill snapped. 

The caves became more difficult to move in the further they went. Makepeace now bending low to avoid striking his head.

"So, Jack, exactly what do we do if there is no other way out?" Daniel asked.

Jack stopped suddenly. "There isn't - Teal'c," he called out. "Turn right when you can there's a much bigger cavern there and then stay put."

The Jaffa didn't acknowledge, he found the area of which O'Neill spoke and entered into a vast cavern .

"Jack?" Daniel questioned. "What's happening?"

The ground beneath them began to vibrate, Jack looked at his troubled colleagues.

"Keep going. Find Teal'c and stay with him. Don't come out of there, I mean that!" His tone was serious enough to require no acknowledgement from Jackson either.

"Wait a minute!" Makepeace argued.

"Makepeace do it...I can take care of this, just trust me!" Jack shouted at him, his mind beginning to spin as the knowledge somehow flooded into his thoughts.

The archaeologist accepted that the knowledge of the Ancients must prevail somewhere in O'Neill's mind, taking hold of Makepeace by the arm.

"We don't have time to argue!" Daniel told the marine colonel.

Reluctantly, Makepeace followed Jackson.

The five now gathered in the cavern looked from one to the other curiously.

"I don't know," Jackson responded as several of the askant glances fell upon him.

"I believe you," Makepeace told him.

"Whatever O'Neill intends to do, I believe is borne of the knowledge of the Ancients and we would therefore be safer as far away from him as possible," Teal'c said. "We should go as far to the other side as we may."

"You heard the man," Makepeace replied. 



O'Neill walked towards the approaching Jaffa. "Hey!" he called out, startling the leader. "You fellas looking for me?"

The Jaffa moved toward him. "Where are those that were with you?" he questioned, keeping his staff weapon pointed firmly towards the Colonel.

"Hey! I wish I knew, wonderful being popular!" Jack responded. "Seems just about everybody is looking for me."

"You will come with us!" The Jaffa ordered.

"I don't think so. See I've done the whole snake in the head thing, and whilst it's fascinating..."

"Silence. You will come or you will be killed!"

"Look let me do you a little favour here. Turn around and get out!" O'Neill told him, a grimace crossing his face and he sensed more than saw the Jaffa was about ready to fire his weapon. "Guess not!"

He closed his eyes concentrating on the thoughts that began to permeate his mind.

The staff weapon blast stopped inches from him, the Jaffa firing again, not sensing the danger.

Palms outstretched now, head tilted back.

"Posestas Ut sum similem esse hec colloco!" O'Neill vociferated.

So powerfully did the voice resonate that Daniel, like the others heard the words.

"What?" Makepeace asked. 

"Power I am," Jackson thought quickly. "Take back this place, or something like that," he told them.

"Was that O'Neill, it sounded like O'Neill?" Major Griff asked.

"Oh yeah, he's got a habit of doing that recently," Daniel told him, his eyebrows dancing across his forehead as he did so. "Great um, language!"



The Jaffa began backing away. The earth beginning to shake loosening fragments of rock from the caves which fell all around them, slowly at first until the vibrations caused a complete cave in.

The trembling stopped as suddenly as it had built up, O'Neill swaying under the immense power that seemed to channel through him.



"Whoa!" Makepeace exclaimed. 

The whole group instinctively dropping to their knees and raising their arms as cover against the falling debris.

Each man's eyes darting around in the sparse light offered by the torches.

"Wow!" Daniel exclaimed. "These caves must have been where the Hyksos chamber was."

"Great is that them?" Griff asked.

"No, I think that would be Jack!" Daniel told them, the tremors now beginning to subside.

"You're kidding right?" Griff enquired.

"Nope," Daniel imparted, a knowing expression adorning his boyish features.



The Colonel opened his eyes, wincing momentarily, a relieved protracted sigh.  He looked then, with his own senses now fully back in command, at the exit route, totally blocked by the fallen rocks.

"Oh crap!" he said, accessing the damage. "Knew those mining skills I picked up would come in handy!"

He turned then and made his way slowly in the darkness to where his senses told him the cavern would be.

"Makepeace?" he called out. 

Torch lights hit him in the face. 

"Yeah thanks!" he moaned. "Ok, well the Horus guards won't be bothering us."

Daniel looked at him as the party reached his position. "Wow! I just hope we can still harness whatever power it is the Ancients seemed to have left in your mind."

"Bit of a problem getting out though," O'Neill continued, ignoring Jackson's obvious fascination with his new abilities.

"How so?" Makepeace enquired.

"Well, the tunnel had kind of a cave in," O'Neill told them. "Which means we're kinda stuck!"

"How bad? Can we clear it?" Makepeace asked.

"Well it was pretty crushing for the Horus guards and we don't exactly have the equipment, but yeah I think given about three days we could probably clear it!" Jack responded.

"Three days?" Daniel exclaimed. "Well, that's not good!"

"No really?" O'Neill spat, then looked towards Makepeace. "We'd better get started. Maybe we can get a radio signal to Carter at the gate if they can make it through to our location we'd do it a little quicker."

"What about the Ancients knowledge, Jack - doesn't that tell you anything?" Daniel asked.

"Daniel, look we don't have time for me to delve around in here to see if I can find us a way out," pointing at his head. "I'll give it some thought ok!"

"I just mean you got me out of that chamber easily enough," Daniel pointed out.

"We were closer to the source of the power, Daniel.  Look I can't explain this right now, Daniel, it's not me," Jack told him.

Makepeace had already begun making his way towards the cave-in, followed by Major Griff and Collins. 

Teal'c regarded Jackson and O'Neill, his right eyebrow raising. He was becoming accustomed to their bickering, getting out of the cave would now appear to be a simple task compared to listening to the ensuing exchanges.

It brought a smile to his face as he shook his head and began following Makepeace.


The End.

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